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Leaked Data Reveals US Gun Sellers are behind the Mexican Cartel Violence

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In a discovery involving gunrunning and the Mexican cartel, U.S. gun suppliers have been implicated. A recent data leak from the Mexican military has revealed that over 2,000 weapons have been smuggled from the US to Mexico.

This data leak is the first of its kind in almost 20 years. The leak ties 78,000 firearms recovered south of the border of Mexico to U.S. gun runners and shops. This data leak was one of about 10 million records that Guacamaya, an anonymous hacker group, released. 

Guacamaya gave the information to another organization known as DDoSecrets, which stands for Distributed Denial of Secrets. The leaks, which include corruption in the military, ranging from illegal trade to abuse of surveillance, have made headlines. 

The leaks were not just limited to the number of weapons; they also gave a detailed account of each weapon. It reveals all the information about every weapon bought in America that was seized, going as far back as 2018. 

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Although there have been efforts to mitigate and control the flow of the weapon, they have been unsuccessful. The gun-running operation, which extends south of Mexico, is part of the famous Latin-American drug trade. The guns have contributed to the ever-growing violence in the region, resulting in people fleeing their homes. Consequently, it overwhelms the U.S. border system, leading to undocumented migrants.

Another aspect of the leaks is the detailed message between Mexico’s military leaders and the Mexican Attorney General. The message includes an email about U.S. government data and a PowerPoint presentation. The emails revealed the names of the American buyers and the number of weapons they bought as of 2022.

One name that seems to stand out is that of a Texan citizen named Craig Adlong. Adlong lied on gun purchase forms, claiming he intended to buy them for himself. In 2020, he purchased 95 semiautomatic firearms from a gun store in Katy in the space of 2 months. 

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During those months, he visited the shop a total of seven times. He pleaded guilty to the offense in 2020. The military recovered 66 of the weapons he purchased, as documented by the leaks. When reached, Adlong expressed shock that he still appeared on the military radar.

He highlighted that he had served his six-month sentence and has moved on since. He claimed the decision to purchase those weapons was a mistake, something he regrets.

Alejandro Celorio is a legal advisor to Mexico’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Celorio said that the figures conceal a somber reality, as shown by the leaked messages. Dead bodies lie on the streets, according to Celorio. He verified the authenticity of the stolen documents utilized in this analysis.

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Celorio is pursuing Barrett, Beretta, Century Arms, Colt, Glock, Smith & Wesson, and Sturm, Ruger & Co. in collaboration with American attorneys. An appeals court resurrected the $10 billion lawsuit in March.

“It’s disappointing that the information isn’t public, but I accept that the U.S. government wants this concealed,” said Celorio, the leader of his nation’s case against five gun stores in Arizona as well as American weapons makers. 

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