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United Flight Cancels Takeoff After Its Engine Caught Fire

United Flight Cancels Takeoff After Its Engine Caught Fire

United Flight Cancels Takeoff After Its Engine Caught Fire

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A disaster was averted recently after a United Airlines plane aborted just as it was about to take off because its engine caught fire. As soon as it rolled to a stop, those on board were quickly evacuated, and emergency personnel were on standby as a cautionary measure. 

It is the latest plane accident in a series that has been recorded happening with planes worldwide. 

Where It Happened

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The unfortunate incident happened on a United Airlines flight at Chicago O’Hare International Airport.

The flight number is 2091, and if they had not caught the fire as early as they did, the plane may not have made it to Seattle, where it was headed. There were 153 living souls aboard the plane, including the flight crew.

A Last-Minute Catch

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Takeoff was scheduled for 2:00 PM local time, but that changed when the fire was discovered. Passengers were already on board but were able to get off when the craft was moved to the gate. News of the mishap did not take long to spread.

In response, United Flight officials tried to downplay what happened, claiming there was simply an engine issue, but the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) declared that the engine had been on fire. 

Was It Boeing Again?

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In the past couple of months, many Boeing planes have been documented with issues, so it is not shocking that many immediately suspected the fire may have been the side effect of yet another poorly made Boeing craft. However, according to United Flight, Boeing did not make the plane; Airbus did. 

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The Truth According to United Officials

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They initially tried to downplay what happened, but after the FAA made that impossible with its revelation, United Flight Officials made some clarifications. They revealed it was indeed a fire and confirmed that both the fire department and medical personnel were on the scene, just in case. 

The FAA Took Steps To Protect People

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In addition to revealing what really happened, the FAA also took extra steps to prevent any tragic incidences. It did this by preventing all flight arrivals for the 45 minutes that followed the mishap to ensure that the plane and the airport were safe for people traveling. 

It Was a Busy Weekend

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The mishap could not have chosen a worse day. It occurred on Memorial Day weekend, which saw many people traveling, meaning airports were kept really busy. Unfortunately, such pressure on the airports led to some plane issues all over the US, which led to delays as officials rushed to fix things. 

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Other Mishaps Over the Weekend

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Another mishap over the busy weekend was witnessed on Sunday with a Spirit Airlines flight. Passengers had the scare of their lives when they were informed to get ready for a potential water landing because the plane started having a mechanical problem mid-flight.

It was headed to Florida from Jamaica and had to be rerouted to Montego Bay, where it was thankfully able to land safely. 

It Was Another Airbus Mishap

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Fortunately, the potential water landing was averted, and nobody was hurt in the process, but the mishap made the news. This revealed that Airbus also created the plane with the mechanical fault, a fact that has caused aviation analysts to be concerned, as they have noticed a growing trend of plane issues in recent times.

A Boeing Flight That Led To Death

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The mishaps recorded over the weekend happened just days after a Singapore Airlines flight was subjected to extreme turbulence. It led to the demise of a 73-year-old British man and left 104 in need of hospital treatment. Reports claim 58 of them are still in the hospital, while 20 are stuck in the intensive care unit.

More Turbulence Problems

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That flight is not the only one that has had to face severe turbulence with consequences. In the past couple of days, one flight headed to Dublin also had to endure strong turbulence that left 12 injured, and another saw a flight attendant break her back. The frequency of these events has both travelers and analysts worried. 

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Is It Still Advisable To Travel By Air?

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Despite all these mishaps, analysts still believe traveling by air is one of the safest ways to travel. Airplane manufacturers and flight officials will continue to work to make aircraft as safe as possible, but in the end, you have a much better chance of getting eaten by a shark than dying on a flight.

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