Friday, June 14, 2024
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HomeNewsGreg Abbott Pardons Killer of BLM Protester, Sparks Outrage

Greg Abbott Pardons Killer of BLM Protester, Sparks Outrage

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A picture of Governor Greg Abbott.
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In recent developments, the Texas state governor has come under intense criticism. Governor Greg Abbott has come under intense fire for pardoning the killer of a black life protester. It is made more ridiculous by the lack of a justifiable reason for the action.

Daniel Perry shot and killed Garrett Foster, an Air Force veteran, during an Austin Black Lives Matter demonstration in 2020. Perry was an Army sergeant on active duty at the time he killed Foster. He carried out the gruesome act in front of several witnesses, an act that he never refuted.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott pardoned Perry, who had DNA evidence and witness testimony against him. During the course of the appeal, no technicality was found in favor of Perry, nor did he claim innocence. The governor followed through with the promise he made a day after the jury’s decision was passed.

After the trial, a Texas grand jury and a jury of his peers in Texas found him guilty, and he was sentenced to 25 years in prison. Abbott pledged a pardon even before the pardon board released its conclusions.

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Several prominent conservatives, including Tucker Carlson, were among the people who pressured the governor to pardon Perry. According to reports, this is the first time a Texas governor has pardoned someone who committed a violent felony, like murder. The pardon was issued on Thursday, May 16, 2024, for the first time in at least decades. 

This weekend’s 2024 National Rifle Association conference included Abbott’s speech alongside that of former president and current presidential candidate Donald Trump. This adds to the already intensely hostile political atmosphere that surrounds the pardon.

According to Foster’s mother, the injustice of George Floyd’s death drove him to the BLM marches every day. He was spotted wearing a riffle around his neck that day. His mother claims he was a believer in the Second Amendment.

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Perry approached the group of demonstrators who had gathered around his automobile. Perry pulled a pistol from inside his car and shot Foster. According to the majority of witnesses, Foster had his weapon slung close to his chest, aimed at the ground, and his finger off the trigger. They also claimed that Foster never raised his gun against Perry.

However, neither Abbott nor his pardon board cared about those particulars. They said that Perry’s actions qualified as self-defense since Foster’s handgun was in the low-ready gun position. 

What makes the matter interesting is that it is important to know Perry never claimed Foster aimed his firearm at him. According to the police statement, all Perry said was that he thought Foster would aim at him. Perry claimed he shot Foster before he could do anything, as he didn’t want to grant him the opportunity.

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Perry and Foster are both white, with a military background, so it can’t be tagged as racially motivated. On the day of the incident, both parties were legally carrying firearms.

It’s difficult to see Abbott pardoning a Black Lives Matter demonstrator who killed a political opponent of the movement. Perry’s release by the governor implies that demonstrators whose causes the governor disagrees with are welcome to engage in open protest in Texas.

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