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Greg Abbott in Talks With Oklahoma To Create Texas Border Wall Amid Migrant Surge

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Greg Abbott in Talks With Oklahoma To Create Texas Border Wall Amid Migrant Surge
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While speaking at a rally in Lumberton, Texas, Governor Abbott made a joke about building a border wall with Oklahoma. As tensions are quite high over the migration crisis in the state, some think this may be more than a joke. They believe it could be some sort of teaser before he announces the real thing. 

This happened at a rally to support Janis Holt, a Republican like Abbott. She is running for a seat in the Texas House of Representatives, and Abbott was there to support her. 

He said, “There are challenges that we face in this state that are sweeping across the country, including this radical woke left agenda that we see crisscrossing the United States and even coming across the border of the Red River.”

“I’ll get around to talking about the border, but some people say; ‘Abbott, you need to build a border wall on the border with Oklahoma to stop all this stuff from coming in.'” At that point, the people gathered laughed all around. 

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Therefore, it was clear that it was only a joke. However, some fear it may just be for now. Abbott is known for taking matters into his own hands regardless of what people may think. 

Just recently, he defied all rules by the Biden administration and took his border security under his belt. He also installed razor wire around the border to prevent people from crossing illegally. What’s more, he took over the border patrol and did not allow the National Guard agents to look after the border. 

He also bussed thousands of migrants away from Texas to other shelter cities across the country. Therefore, it is not surprising that people expect him to take over-the-top measures to curb illegal immigration. 

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Since the Biden administration did not approve of his methods, they asked him to remove their razor wire and allow the National Guard back at the border. However, the Lone Star state governor refused. On January 22nd, a ruling by the Supreme Court order gave federal agents the authority to remove the wires and regain control. 

Still, Abbott strongly opposed it and was furious, to say the least. He claimed that Texas was facing an “invasion” and invoked its “constitutional authority to defend and protect itself.” Many of his other republican governors supported this and backed his claims. 

In fact, 25 of them wrote a joint letter in support of Abbott. Their unspoken republican leader, Donald Trump, also urged them to send their own National Guard troops to support the Texan authorities.

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Missouri’s governor is one of them, and he announced that he was sending 200 of the state’s National Guard soldiers, along with 22 of its Highway Patrol troopers, to help secure the border. This is because it is affecting Missouri and increasing the crime rate in the state. 

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“The crisis at the Southern Border is fueling the fentanyl crisis here in our state. Missourians are dying, families are being ripped apart, communities are being destroyed, and Missouri children are falling victim,” he said. 

“It all stems from the Biden administration’s reckless, irresponsible, and failing open-border policies. With our southern border wide open, every state is now a border state.”

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