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HomeNewsViral Footage Shows Illegal Migrants Streaming Down California Mountainside to Cross Border

Viral Footage Shows Illegal Migrants Streaming Down California Mountainside to Cross Border

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Viral Footage Shows Illegal Migrants Streaming Down California Mountainside to Cross Border
Source: MSN

Fox News recorded a video using both drone cameras and on-ground cameras to show illegal migrants crossing the border. However, this video quickly went viral for one major reason. The migrants were streaming down a mountainside into a rural area of Southern California.

One doesn’t see this every day, and it was quite surprising. Dozens to possibly over one hundred migrants were captured on the video. They walked down a crevasse in the mountain range in Jacumba, California.

Therefore, this means that they climbed the mountain from the Mexican side to be able to cross the border illegally. This is a desperate move, as climbing a mountain is no easy feat. Furthermore, people from all walks of life were streaming down the mountain.

Three men who got down from the mountain told Fox News that they were from Kazakhstan, an Asian country. The news outlet’s correspondent, Bill Melugin, also mentioned seeing a larger group of Chinese migrants at the location. They were watching the stream of people coming down the path and filming them. 

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There were also people from Turkey and countries in Africa coming down the mountain or watching people come down. There were adults, children, and even elderly people coming down the mountain. After watching the video, most people had a lot of questions. The most common was, “Why did the migrants take this extreme path to the border?”

Typically, migrants often take the path of the least resistance. This is usually through holes in the border wall on the ground level in California. However, since the high surge of migrants in the country, many of these holes have been closed. 

There are also more men at the usual borders than usual. Therefore, they had to find the least predictable path with the least amount of officers. This route, for example, had only two Border Patrol agents on the ground. 

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This is because authorities did not expect people to climb mountains to cross the border. Therefore, the number of migrants greatly outnumbered the agents on the ground. It was quite easy for them to pass these agents and sneak into the country. 

Texas is one of the most affected states with a high influx of migrants. However, Governor Abbott has put a lot of strict restrictions on the borders, making it difficult for them to cross. These include increasing the National Guard presence and erecting razor wire despite the disapproval of the Biden administration. 

In addition, he kicked federal agents out of a park in Eagle Pass, which used to be a hotspot for illegal crossing. As Texas used to be one of the most preferred routes for illegal migration, they had to find alternatives.

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Therefore, more illegal immigrants are avoiding that route. Instead, they have shifted west to the border of the blue states of California and Arizona, where there is less resistance.

However, it is more dangerous for them. People can die from exhaustion from climbing the mountain, or they can slip and sustain serious injuries. Therefore, it is not advisable to take this route of climbing the mountains to cross the border. 

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