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Authorities Shoot Armed 16-Year-Old Student in Dallas-Area School

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Source: Nbc

In a tense Monday morning incident, police shot at a 16-year-old student holding a gun inside a suburban Dallas charter school as they negotiated with him to put down his weapon.

The student, whose identity remains undisclosed due to his age, was transported to a hospital in stable condition, stated Mesquite police in Texas. Details regarding the nature and extent of his injuries were not immediately disclosed.

The shooting unfolded within an office at the Pioneer Technology & Arts Academy’s middle school and high school campus shortly before 9 a.m. local time. As the school day commenced, panicked students were evacuated and reunited with their families at a nearby Baptist church.

Mesquite police responded to the school following reports of an active shooter. School administrators indicated that they were engaged in efforts to de-escalate the situation with the armed student until law enforcement arrived.

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Upon arrival, officers located the student alone in an office. According to police, they issued verbal commands to the suspect, and during negotiations, three officers discharged their firearms. The suspect eventually complied with commands and was taken into custody unharmed.

Thankfully, neither the officers nor other students or staff members sustained injuries during the incident. The officers involved in the shooting were described as an eight-year veteran, a five-year veteran, and an officer-in-training from another agency with “multiple years of service.” Their identities were withheld from the public.

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Authorities did not immediately disclose potential charges related to the incident, emphasizing that their investigation was ongoing. The Dallas County District Attorney’s Office conducted a separate and independent review.

Expressing relief that a tragedy was averted, Travis Block, a spokesperson with the Mesquite Fire Department, stated at a news conference, “We’re just thankful a tragedy was avoided and nothing worse occurred.”

The school commended the swift actions of its staff and credited its safety protocols for containing the situation. School district Superintendent Shubham Pandey affirmed that the safety procedures were successfully executed, emphasizing that the well-being of students and staff remained their paramount concern.

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Despite the harrowing experience, the school resumed operations on Tuesday. Acknowledging the trauma experienced by students, the school assured the community that support services would be available to help them cope with the incident.

“Our students and staff are our ultimate priority,” the school said in a Facebook statement, affirming its commitment to providing a safe and supportive learning environment for all.

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