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These Once Popular Toys Were Dangerous and Life-Threatening

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Kids playing on a trampoline
Source: Seeker/YouTube

Children’s toys ignite joy and spark adventure for kids. However, behind these fun toys’ colorful and fascinating appearance are dangers that could turn playtime into a disaster. Some of these toys have life-threatening features that can cause serious injuries or death. Let’s see which of the once-popular toys fall under this dangerous category.

Slip ‘N Slide

The Slip’ N Slide toy was a backyard water toy for summer fun. Kids would line up to take turns sliding down the slick surface of the sheet into the grass or a pool. However, this toy is risky. 

Slip N' Slide
Source: Snatcher

If not used properly, it could cause injuries, especially neck and spinal injuries. Imagine if a kid slid into the pool headfirst or collided with another kid. 

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Gilbert Atomic Laboratory Kits

Who says kids don’t love science? Well, they do. The atomic laboratory kits were designed to allow kids to explore and create nuclear and chemical reactions. 

Gilbert Atomic Laboratory Kits
Source: Amusing Planet

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However, the kit contains hazardous chemicals that cause burns, poisoning, and even explosions. This toy was even tagged “the most dangerous toy ever.” The toy releases radiation that is harmful to kids. 

Kids CSI Detective Kits 

Remember those detective kits for kids inspired by CSI? The kits contained synthetic blood samples, a magnifier, a watch glass, and other cool features, such as allowing kids to dust for fingerprints like real investigators. 

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Kids CSI Detective Kits 
Source: Pinterest

However, some of those kits contained fingerprint dust with asbestos, a toxic substance that can cause cancer. So, kids playing pretend mystery could risk inhaling harmful substances.

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Trampolines are still popular today. Kids can spend hours jumping, flipping, and bouncing through the air. However, trampolines are dangerous. According to statistics by the Mayo Clinic, more than 800,000 children sustained injuries from trampolines between 2009 and 2018.

Source: Pinterest

Children risk sustaining sprains, fractures, or worse, especially if they collide with each other or fall off the trampoline onto hard ground. 

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Hoverboards are self-balancing two-wheeled scooters that allow kids to glide effortlessly through the streets. However, this device has a low center of gravity, so the risk of falling is very high. 

Source: Pinterest

Plus, some hoverboards were prone to catching fire due to faulty batteries or electrical issues. It can lead to explosions and grievous injuries. What seemed like a thrilling ride could quickly turn into a dangerous situation.

Water Beads

Water beads are squishy, colorful beads that expand when soaked in water. They are fascinating sensory toys for kids to play with. Unfortunately, kids love to swallow them or stick them in their ears. 

Aqua Beads
Source: SurpriseFunTV/YouTube

Sadly, if ingested, water beads could expand in the digestive tract, leading to choking or intestinal blockages, especially in young children. What seemed like harmless fun could quickly turn into a severe medical emergency. 

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Yoyo Water Balls

Yoyo Water Balls are stretchy water-filled ball toys. Kids can have endless fun with their bouncy movements as the balls bounce and return to their hands. 

Yoyo waterballs
Source: Pinterest

The balls have an elastic cord, a loop for finger attachment, and a soft synthetic object. However, if not carefully used, the long string attached to the yoyo could wrap around a child’s neck, causing strangulation or choking. 

Lawn Darts

Lawn darts were outdoor lawn games consisting of giant, weighted darts with sharp metal tips. Kids would take turns tossing the darts towards a target on the ground. Although the game was fun for family gatherings, it was also risky. 

Lawn Darts
Source: Mashable

The sharp metal tips of the darts could cause severe injuries, like puncture wounds if they hit a person. Due to numerous accidents and safety concerns, many countries have banned lawn darts.


Balloons are not only for party decorations but also as fun playtime toys. However, while balloons are great, they can also pose a danger, especially for young children. 

Kids playing with colorful balloons
Source: Melly Karamelly/YouTube

Uninflated or broken balloons can be a choking hazard if swallowed. It could potentially block a child’s airway and cause suffocation. It’s important to supervise children around balloons and ensure they’re appropriately inflated and tied off.

Easy Bake Oven

The Easy-Bake Oven is an eclectic kitchen toy designed to resemble a miniature oven. The oven uses a heating element to bake little treats.

Easy Bake Oven Toy
Source: NBC News

Unfortunately, many children have suffered burns or injuries while using them. There’s always a risk of burns if a child touches the hot surfaces or reaches inside while the oven is in use. 

Toy Swords and Knives

Kids love to play pretend combat. With toy swords and knives, kids can imagine themselves as superheroes. These toys come in various shapes and sizes and are often made of plastic or foam to ensure safety during play. 

Ninja sword toys
Source: MG Surprise Toys/YouTube

Unfortunately, children can hurt themselves or others if they swing them too hard or misuse them. Additionally, toys that are poorly made or have sharp edges could cut a child.

Moon Shoes

Moon shoes are bouncy, oversized footwear designed to make you feel like you are walking on the moon. They are nicknamed mini trampolines and were quite popular in the 90s.

Mini Trampolines
Source: Mr Indian Hacker/YouTube

The shoes had springs attached to the bottom, allowing you to bounce with each step. However, children could fall or twist their ankles when they land on an uneven surface.

In conclusion, all toys have a risk factor. Parents and adults should supervise kids during their playtime to avoid fun times leading to visits to the ER.

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