Tuesday, June 11, 2024
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Anti-Trump ABC News President Resigns Amid Worker’s Revolt

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Many people in the mainstream media were surprised to learn about ABC News President Kim Godwin’s resignation. Although reactions have been somewhat mixed, we can say Donald Trump is the happiest person about the news.

Shortly after the news broke, former President Donald Trump posted to Truth Social. He aimed a jab at the news channel after the announcement was made. The news about Kim Godwin leaving the organization was released on Sunday, May 17, 2024.

Posted on his Truth Social, Trump said he was happy to learn Kim Godwin, head of ABC, has vacated her position. Contemplating the reason, he suggested maybe it was because of the one-sided reporting on everything involving him. He concluded his post with whatever the reason was, and he was glad she was gone. 

Godwin announced her decision to depart in a statement to her crew. She said she is sure she is making the right decision for herself and her family as she looks forward to the future.

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Godwin led a network news division for the first time as a black woman. According to reports, she was under increased pressure from business bosses to do well. People have remarked that she lost a great deal of influence.

Before her departure, the media had increased its criticism of her leadership skills. She was president of the news channel for three years, following the removal of James Goldston in March 2021.

As the first black woman in that position, Godwin has highlighted its significance in a staff note. She wrote that leading a team synonymous with trust, honesty, and dedication is a privilege and a tribute to those who came before her.

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Not so much was the leaving itself, as the timing of it was unexpected. It was said that the news of her abrupt resignation caused a stir among staff members and had a major effect on the newsroom.

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Additionally, according to some staff members, employees felt Godwin prioritized her leadership image over engaging with her teams.

In February, Disney reportedly named Debra O’Connell to manage Godwin and the news division. She privately criticized how the agency was run during performance evaluations.

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Given his record, Trump’s act of mocking major news organizations is not new. He said these organizations had always been biased against him.

Disney, the parent company of ABC News, has come under scrutiny from Trump and other prominent conservatives. They accuse them of pushing ideologies that show hostility toward conservative political views.

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Godwin has held positions in over twelve local news outlets in nine different cities. She reportedly said she leaves with her pride intact and wishes her team ongoing success.

Godwin’s resignation has gone into effect, with O’Connell taking over as the interim head of the newsroom.

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