Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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Trump Joins TikTok Ahead of November Elections, Amasses Millions of Followers

Trump Joins TikTok Ahead of November Elections, Amasses Millions of Followers
Source: Pinterest

Trump Joins TikTok Ahead of November Elections, Amasses Millions of Followers

Source: Pinterest

Ahead of the November presidential elections, former president Donald Trump has signed up on TikTok.

The former president now has more than 3.7 million followers on the social media platform with his first post garnering millions of likes.

The Declaration

Source: Pinterest

In the video, Trump was introduced by the UFC chief executive officer Dana White. “The President is now on Tiktok,” White said to which Trump replied “It’s my honor.”

He was over there at UFC

Source: LPNational/X

In the clip, Trump can be seen strolling around the UFC 302 arena. Trump’s choice of venue comes as no surprise given his previously declared love for WWE and wrestling.

In the clip’s description, it was revealed that the former president debuted on  TikTok at UFC 302.

An abundance of backing

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The president’s decision to post on TikTok was enthusiastically approved by many. Despite being Canadian, one user stated that he continues to endorse Trump for president. A second TikTok user congratulated Trump for joining the social media platform.

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Opponents on the Site

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But while the majority of the best-rated responses were supportive, a few others disapproved of Trump’s social media antics.

After one user referred to Trump as a nice man, another, questioned out the former president’s integrity after pointing out that he had cheated on his pregnant wife with an adult film star.

A Quick Turn

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Considering how he once stood for the application’s prohibition in America, many might think of Trump’s decision to sign up for TikTok as disingenuous.

Had the judiciary had not intervened, a 2020 directive signed by Trump would have banned the site in the United States.

Another Decision

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He has however changed his stance about the social media platform, noting that TikTok poses as a viable competition for Facebook’s parent company, Meta.

Trump reportedly stated back in March that he strongly believes Facebook constitutes an adversary of mankind and added that it is impossible to grow Facebook sans TikTok.

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Regarding the confidentiality of information as well as the apps’ ties to China, which he sees as having antagonistic ties with America, Trump indicated in March that he nevertheless had reservations.

There are many positive things and many awful things, Trump continued.

Zeal and Passion

Source: Quora

Although Trump was aware of the possible problems regarding TikTok, he nevertheless believed that eliminating the platform was unlikely to be a wise course of action in the long run.

According to Trump, a lot of TikTok users adore the app, and a lot of the platform’s younger users would likely go wild without it.

Time of Alteration

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Right now, President Joe Biden as well as Parliament are working to pass a law that would compel ByteDance, the company behind TikTok, to offer for sale the app or face it becoming completely prohibited. This corresponds to the context in which Trump’s decision to change his stance regarding the platform appears.

After the bill made it through the House towards the end of April, Biden enthusiastically approved it right away once it arrived on his desk.

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The MAGA Committee of Trump

Source: steveofholt/X

Although Trump’s debut on TikTok is fresh, it’s not the only instance a Trump organization has entered the market. his super Committee embraced the platform in May as well.

The CEO of MAGA Inc., Taylor Budowich, declared via an X tweet that his organization is refusing to give Joe Biden along with the Democratic Party a chance because he believes they are attempting to ruin the nation. He made it clear that his team will make certain the USA Strong program of Trump’s was implemented in all states and districts across the nation.

The reason TikTok is so popular?

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Both of these candidates have previously called for the banning of TikTok, but the fact that each of the men’s campaigns are present on the platform indicates how significant the site remains in the presidential race.

The White House had been encouraging along with wooing TikTok celebrities whereas Biden was applauding the TikTok shutdown. The site has become an issue of contention for both parties, as the election draws nearer.

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