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Biden Sparks Controversy, Says Men Should Marry From Families With More Daughters

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President Biden is the headline for another controversy, but it is a rather interesting one. The president’s announcement about who men should marry caused social media to erupt in chaos.

On Tuesday, May 21, 2024, President Biden made the statement during his speech while addressing the PACT Act. The act is a policy that ensures the release of $797 million annually by Congress. The fund is allocated to ensure adequate health services are provided for veterans.

It focuses on retired officers who got exposed to hazardous gas during their active service. Regarding the connection between long-term medical issues and pollution from fire pits, experts are less certain.

The American military dumped trash and waste in open-air burn pits in both Afghanistan and Iraq, which many people think poisoned veterans with poisons in the smoke. As an enlistee in the Delaware National Guard, Beau Biden saw service in Iraq. President Biden has attributed the troops’ suffering to burning pits.

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During his visit to Texas, Biden stated that too many of the nation’s soldiers are not the same as they were when they got home. For some individuals, they suffer from headaches, dizziness, numbness, dizziness, and cancer. He praised the American troops, saying that they are the best fighter forces in both the world and its history.

During his speech, Biden decided to deviate from the original discussion by referring to a veteran who fought in the Second World War. The 96-year-old man, was in attendance when Biden said that no there was no purgatory for him. Biden’s reason for stating that, was that he has five daughters.

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He then went to drop what he believed to be advice to young men looking to settle down. He asks them to marry into a family that has 5 or more daughters because at least one of them will always love you.

The statement was met with excitement and laughter from the audience that was at the event. However, the information was received with mixed feelings on social media, particularly X.

He made a personal statement talking about himself and his wife. According to his statement, his wife is the first of five daughters.

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Mike Opelka, a producer, dropped his opinion on the matter, saying he could not wait for the presidential debate. Another person asked if he was aware of what he was saying or if those were just his ideals. Though there have been media fallouts, some people have come to his defense. A user said that while he doesn’t like Biden, he reasoned with what he said.

The statement is the latest in a string of divisive remarks made by Biden. During a gathering in April, he asked not to forget the terrible days of June 6 seeming to be confusing the Capitol riots of January 6 with D-Day. Biden also seemed to read speech prompts from a teleprompter during an appearance earlier that month.

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