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Student Reveals Homeless UPenn Protester Is From a Rich Family

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A picture of Eliana Atienz.
Source: OliLondonTV/X

In a recent exposé, it was discovered that one of the masterminds behind the pro-Palestinian protest that rocked the University of Pennsylvania is from a wealthy home. This come after the student claimed she was ejected from the school for her role. 

19-year-old Eliana Atienza, a sophomore at the University of Pennsylvania is a Filipino citizen who is pursuing her college education in the USA. According to her, she is a pro-earth activist, fighting against climate change and a community organizer

On October 7, 2023, Israel launched a retaliatory response to the earlier inclusion of Hamas. This military action resulted in a series of protests throughout America. 

In a recent interview, Eliana claimed to be homeless, sharing that in the aftermath of the protests, she was issued a compulsory order for her to leave the school premises. She said that the decision to disable her student card made her homeless. She however added that her friend had offered to assist her.

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In the interview, Eliana explained that her family members were in her home country. Not long after though, multiple reports discredited her story. According to the report, she is from an influential family back in the Philippines. 

Eliana’s father, Kim Atienza, popularly known as Kuya Kim, is a former member of the Manila City Council. Kim documents his lavish lifestyle on social media, constantly giving fans a glimpse.

A search through Kim’s instagram showed him exhibiting his motorcycle collection. Another notable moment was when Kim invited TV cameras into his home in July 2022. He gave a tour, showing off his fossil collection, dinosaur eggs, and unusual pets. 

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Elaina’s grandfather, Lito Atienza, is also a well-known political figure in the country. Manny Pacquiao selected him as his running mate in the 2022 presidential election. Lito is one of the most experienced politicians in the country, with a political career spanning 5 decades. 

Although they lost the election, Lito has held some high positions in the country. He was a three-term mayor of Manila. He was also a member of the Philippine House of Assembly, serving as a deputy speaker before leaving in 2022.

Felicia Hung Atienza, her is another prominent member of the Atienza family. According to her LinkedIn profile, she is a Wharton school graduate, same as the republican presidental candidate. She has worked in senior position at two prominent Wall Street firms, namely JP Morgan and Merrill Lynch.

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She subsequently moved to the Philippines, where she founded the Chinese International School located in Manila in 2007. On Thursday, May 20, 2024, Kim posted to his Instagram page pictures of his wife and son during their graduation ceremony. They had graduated from Tufts University in Massachusetts, where Felicia was pursuing a degree in nutritional science. 

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Atienza who took her instagram to claimed to be a victim of “administrative assault”. She also made claim that the school knew she was a foreign student and this was their way of punishing her. According to the report, she traveled to Antarctica in January, 2024. She posted a picture about it on instagra where she claimed she enjoyed coffee and sobbing during protest.

According to campus police, 7 of the 33 people who were arrested on Friday, May 21, 2024, are still in detention. The seven students are now facing felony charges, one of whom attacked an officer the following day, May 22, 2024. It has now been two weeks since the school, in collaboration with the police, ejected the students from school grounds.

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