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Comedian Bill Maher and The View Co-Host Clash Over Israel-Hamas War

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In news that is bound to offend pro-Palestine Supporters, Bill Maher has dropped his opinion about the controversial conflict. During a May 21, 2024, appearance on “The View,” comedian Bill Mayer got into an argument with co-host Sunny Hostin, ending in loud applause from the audience.

The debate, centered around the conflict between Israel and Palestine had varying talking points, ranging from the Hamas group to court orders to pro-Palestinian supporters. Later on, the conversation between Maher and Hostin shifted from the Israel-Hamas conflict to talks of the far left.

Bill Maher, 68 years old, is well-known for his remarkable career in comedy. He is also a well-known liberal with unwavering support for Israel in its conflict with Palestine. However, when asked for his political label, he called himself practical, although much of his belief aligns with modern liberal values.

During the interview, the show’s co-host, Alyssa Farah Griffin, asked to hear Maher’s thoughts on American pro-Palestine supporters. In response, Maher shared his surprise at individuals who cannot recognize real wickedness. 

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He further questioned the moral ability of pro-Palestine in differentiating between good and bad people. Maher said that anyone who supports Hamas should relocate to Gaza. He added that he is very certain that the moment they get there, they will immediately want to leave, begging to be moved to Tel Aviv. He continued by saying that the rights women in America enjoy do not exist in places like Gaza. 

Hostin asked Maher if he was concerned about the innocent civilians in Gaza, who are the major collateral in this conflict, either as a reaction or unprovoked attack by Israel. She highlighted that those affected are innocent civilians, mostly women and children. Hostin also asked about the comedian for his thoughts on the International Criminal Court issuing a subpoena for Bibi Netanyahu.

Responding, Maher addressed the court order, dubbing it a stupid move. To him, Israel only retaliated in self defense after numerous attacks on them. Though Maher expressed compassion for innocents, he said this is a war, and Hamas has made its intentions clear.

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When Hostin replied in the affirmative, Maher launched into an impassioned tirade intended to clarify Hamas’ continued antagonism and terror campaign. He said that they (Hamas) have attacked Israel five times. Since they reclaimed control of Gaza. He claimed that rather than using the money given to them by the international community on infrastructure, they spent it on war efforts.

He added that collateral damage is in the nature of warfare, and to stop that, Hamas should seize further military incursions on Israel. Mayers replies seemed to resonate with the crowd, who cheered him along with the hosts, Sara Haines and Griffin

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Additionally, Hostin criticized Maher’s use of the word “woke,” addressing its weaponization by the political right. She spoke briefly about the word’s origin, tracing it to the black community during the civil rights movement.

Maher defended himself, saying that words travel and he would use any term she wanted. However, if the word was upsetting, he would avoid the usage. He asked if he referred to it as extreme left. 

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