Saturday, June 22, 2024
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“Republicans Don’t See You in the Future of America,” Biden Tells Black Graduates

A picture of President Biden
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“Republicans Don’t See You in the Future of America,” Biden Tells Black Graduates

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In a sharp attack on race, President Joe Biden warned black graduates that former President Donald Trump and his Republican supporters “don’t see you in the future of America.”

The president spoke to graduating seniors at Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia, without mentioning Trump or the Republican Party. Still, it was obvious who he was referring to when he brought up January 6, 2024, during their commencement ceremony.

Biden's Speech

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President Biden gave his speech at an institution with a rich history in American history and is predominantly male and black.

Although he did not mention Donald Trump or the Republican Party by name, his allusions to the incidents made it obvious who he was talking about and gave his speech an extra historical significance.

Personal Information

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When discussing the “Saturdays” in the Christian faith, the day before Christ’s resurrection, the president’s speech veered between the political and the personal.

In his speech, Biden discussed his personal “Saturdays,” the death of his first wife, their infant daughter, and then adult son Beau. 

Biden Was Applauded

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“The future of America will be ruled by black men,” Biden said. “The attack on democracy and the conflict in Gaza are examples of contemporary events that are tests of faith,” he continued.

Just one faculty member openly objected to Biden’s appearance because of the war, but the majority of the graduating class applauded him during his speech.

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Solidarity For Palestinian

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Some of the graduates showed their solidarity for Palestinian citizens amidst the Gaza conflict by donning Palestinian flag pins as they entered the outdoor commencement ceremony at Morehouse’s Century Campus in Atlanta.

Additionally, valedictorian DeAngelo Jeremiah Fletcher spoke animatedly about the Gaza War before Biden’s speech.

Denying the Blacks Opportunities

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The president charged that radicals were denying African Americans opportunities, and he specifically criticized their attempts to destroy affirmative action and undercut the principles of inclusion, diversity, and equality.

“They don’t see the blacks in the future of America, but they’re wrong,” he said, assuring the grads.

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Supporting the Israel Fight

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Some graduating ceremonies this spring were canceled due to pro-Palestinian college rallies, while other graduation speakers were obstructed by demonstrating students.

Demonstrators from all over the nation have been following Biden as he supports Israel’s fight against Hamas, even though he postponed a shipment of 2,000-pound bombs due to concerns from Palestinian civilians.

Morehouse College is a historically black, all-male university near Atlanta’s downtown. Sen. Raphael Warnock of Georgia and other Morehouse alumni were among the crowd the president greeted on the tarmac of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport upon his early arrival in Atlanta.

Deleting History

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Speaking on the national book ban movement, which aims to remove rather than correct historical narratives, President Biden emphasized his concerns about current educational challenges.

He claimed that during a period when there was a national push to outlaw books, he never imagined becoming president. He aims to delete history rather than to correct it. 

Details About Biden’s Movements

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Biden met Sen. Jon Ossoff, the other Democratic senator from Georgia, at the airport. The president then proceeded to socialize with a group of supporters at a restaurant owned by Black people.

Former Democratic candidate for governor of Georgia, Stacey Abrams, briefly bowed to the president before giving him a bear hug from the audience. 

Biden Calms Supporters

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President Biden advised supporters not to worry too much about the polls, both at the restaurant and subsequently at a fundraiser held behind closed doors without cameras.

Biden only defeated the former president in Wisconsin, reportedly trailing Trump in five of the six battleground states.

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Trump Leads With Some Points

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Biden seems to be ten points behind Trump in Georgia, with 39 percent to 49 percent. Nevertheless, the president expressed confidence in our success.

“So you’ve probably heard that we’re trailing the polls.” At the dinner, he remarked, “So far, the polls haven’t been accurate once.”

Display of Confidence

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About how difficult it is to reach voters these days because of the decline of landlines, Biden stated at the fundraiser later in the afternoon at the graduation ceremony, stating, “It’s hard to make any poll rational these days.”

According to the President, the results of actual elections, including those from the primaries, are what he considers.

Biden Reassure Graduates

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Even though the day was filled with celebration, there was a nagging worry that politicians would overshadow the accomplishments of the graduates. 

Biden, however, tried to maintain the graduates’ prestige by highlighting the significance of their accomplishments and contributions to American culture.  He noted throughout the speech that it’s not only about him but also about the alternative.

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