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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Sparks Backlash With 50th Birthday Post

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Sparks Backlash With 50th Birthday Post
Source: Pinterest

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Sparks Backlash With 50th Birthday Post

Source: Pinterest

Marjorie Taylor Greene, the GOP candidate representing Georgia, has been criticized. She posted a message in X in honor of her 50th birthday, and that’s when this happened.

Recent media coverage of the politician centers on a contentious exchange she engaged within the House Oversight Committee alongside Representative Jasmine Crockett.


The Trending Bikini Picture

Source: mtgreenee/X

With Greene clad in a swimsuit, the image became popular on X, receiving roughly 3.2 million views, 7,500 reposts, and more than 28,000 responses within a matter of two days.

Wearing a hat made of straw while posing close to a column beside a swimming pool amid a tropical scene, Greene grins throughout the picture.


What she said

Source: RepMTG/X

In a statement accompanying the tweet, Greene said that although many people feel bad about turning fifty, she thinks it’s amazing. She is also happy and appreciative that she has been alive for fifty years.

She continued to share memories of bearing a trio of kids, becoming the first individual in her immediate family to earn a degree from school, and the wonder of three deliveries.

A tweet filled with Achievements

Source: yahoo

In her long piece, Greene enumerated her numerous accomplishments over the previous fifty years, notably founding a profitable company and serving in Parliament.

In closing, she indicated that experiencing the Lord’s grace—which she believes she is unworthy of yet incredibly grateful for—was perhaps the most essential part.

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Audience Reaction

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Greene’s Republican colleagues congratulated her in the responses to her message on several online platforms where the picture appeared.

The Representative received greetings from Jenna Ellis, a past attorney for Donald Trump, who commented that getting older is a blessing from God.

Bad Timeline

Source: Raul654/Wikipedia

Many respondents criticized her actions, even if certain individuals wished Greene well.

Following an incidental Memorial Day remark that her detractors didn’t receive smoothly in the broader political environment around this particular time of year, Greene published her celebratory message.



Source: Pinterest

Some have conjectured that the controversial swimwear picture was meant as a response to Crockett’s recent, widely shared remarks regarding Greene’s muscular physique.

After Crockett’s remarks, several individuals charged Greene with using Photoshop to edit her picture to make her appear thinner.

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The Beginning

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Greene and Crockett began a contentious discussion about Attorney General Merrick Garland during a House Oversight Committee session.

It all began because Greene said something about Crockett’s artificial lashes, saying the extensions were interfering with her ability to read.

Her Reply

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Crockett held her composure until she became prepared to speak to the chair, James Comer, despite the chaos in the House.

Crockett challenged Greene’s decision in her declaration and requested more information. She asked if it could be regarded as participating in personalities if a committee member made remarks about the physical characteristics of another person else.

The setting

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Shortly after Georgia’s legislative primary elections, Greene shares her special day on social media.

Following emerging triumphant in the Gop primary, Greene has locked up her renomination in the state’s 14th House Division.

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Divisive Viewpoints

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Although Greene has subsequently changed her position on conspiratorial notions, certain individuals disagree with her, and others agree with her divisive opinions.

In addition to strong stances on immigrants and the Russia-Ukraine conflict, Greene has gained attention for her outspoken backing of Trump’s presidency.


Still in the News

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Liberals have been constantly critical of Greene’s conservative policies throughout the past couple of weeks.

Not very long ago, Greene gained notoriety by attempting to remove House Speaker Mike Johnson due to his support of a bill designed to help Ukraine.

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