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Ohio Billionaire Set To Board $20 Million Deep Sea Submersible To “Prove” OceanGate Disaster Was an Anomaly

Ohio Billionaire Set To Board $20 Million Deep Sea Submersible To “Prove” OceanGate Disaster Was an Anomaly
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Ohio Billionaire Set to Board $20 Million Deep Sea Submersible to “Prove” OceanGate Disaster Was an Anomaly

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After the tragic OceanGate Disaster in 2023, a billionaire from Ohio State, Larry Conner, is planning to take a deep-sea submersible to titanic-level depths to revive the industry’s reputation.

On June 18, 2023, a small crew tragically died in an OceanGate disaster due to an underwater submarine implosion. This crew embarked on the mission to locate the wreck of the Titanic in the North Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Newfoundland, Canada.

Trip of Two-Person Submersible to the Titanic Wreck Site

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The Ohio billionaire Larry Connor recently stated in a Wall Street Journal interview that he plans to take a two-person deep sea submersible down to 12,000 feet below sea level, of “titanic level” depths. 

Connor stated that Patrick Lahey, a co-founder of Triton Submarine, would accompany him on the journey in a Triton 4000 Abyssal Explorer vehicle.

The Worthiness of the Experience

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Conor revealed to the Wall Street Journal that even though the trip seems dangerous, he is ready to prove to the world that the experience is worth it.

Connor in his words said that he wants to show the world that while the ocean is extremely powerful, going about it the right way will make it an enjoyable and life changing opportunity. 


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The World’s Deepest Diving Acrylic Sub

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The Triton 4000 Abyssal Explorer vessel will transport the billionaire and his partner to the deep sea submersible. Triton Submarines describes it as ” the world’s deepest diving acrylic sub.”

The Triton website describes the vessel as the only acrylic-hulled submersible commercially certified for dives over 13,000 ft. And it’s the world’s only completely colorless, optically perfect hulls.

Newfound Technological Advancement for Deep-Sea Submersibles

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The billionaire shares with the Wall Street Journal his excitement about the newfound technological advancement for deep-sea submersibles.

Connor revealed that his partner, Patrick Lahey, has been building the deep-sea submersibles for over a decade. He said the sub couldn’t have been built in just five years.

To Achieve Deep-Sea Voyages Without Disaster

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Connor believes the trip he is planning will be a success. He wants to prove to the world that a deep-sea voyage can be achieved without any form of disaster.

He told the Wall Street Journal that Lahey called him that they needed to build a sub that could dive to Titanic-level depths repeatedly and safely and demonstrate to the world that it could be achieved and that the titan was a contraption.

A Fan of Deep-Sea Submersible

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Connor seems to be a fan of deep-sea submersibles as he has previously explored the Mariana Trench. Connor believes this can be achieved too without any complications. 

Connor’s partner, Lahey had previously criticized OceanGate for their safety regulations and called the CEO Stockton Rush’s handling of the company “quite predatory.”


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Failed Deep-Sea Submersible to Titanic-Level Depth

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On June 18, 2023, a titan tragedy news hit the internet after a submersible known as “Titan” took a journey to the deep sea to find the Titanic’s wreck.

This journey includes five people and just about two hours into the journey, they lost contact with the outside world, and after a thorough investigation, it was discovered that the vessel collapsed, leading to their deaths.

Billionaires Lost Their Lives on the 2023 Titan Tragic Incident

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Following the events of the 2023 Titan tragic incident, many people wondered why billionaires would embark on such an unpromising mission. 

According to a friend of the OceanGate deceased, Karl Stanley, he said his friend knew it was going to end tragically. Stanley said his friend was the last person to murder two billionaires at once and have them pay for the privilege. 

Knowing the Dangerous Consequences and Still Ignores

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Stanley further revealed in an interview that he believed that Stockton was aware of the dangerous consequences of embarking on deep-sea submersible to titanic level depths but still chose to ignore it. 

According to him, Stockton acted carelessly, which had serious repercussions for both him and the other passengers. Stockton, according to Stanley, created a mousetrap for billionaires.


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Negative Reaction to Tragic Events

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The moment the tragic news hit the internet, many people from different parts of the world expressed concern. A user on Reddit expressed how people’s reactions to the death of a submarine passenger aren’t encouraging.

Another Reddit user posted how people rejoice because the unfortunate incident involved the rich. It was an unfortunate incident that caused mixed reactions online. Some pitied the passengers involved, while some felt there was no need to embark on such an unpromising journey.

Reaction to Connor’s Plans To Embark on Deep-Sea Submersible to Titanic-Level Depths

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Despite Connor’s optimism about his planned deep-sea submersible to titanic level depths, people still show concern and worry. 

Many have expressed doubt about the apparent pattern of wealthy individuals being lured to explore the Titanic ruins in response to reports of Connor’s voyage. 

$20 Million Submarine Project

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Connor is a billionaire who makes most of his fortune from real estate. The cost of the submarine project for the deep-sea submersible to Titanic level depths reportedly cost about $20 million. 

The project, according to Connor, lasted for over a decade and they believed that it would travel 12,400 feet to the bottom of the North Atlantic without any complications. 


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