Saturday, June 22, 2024
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Democrats Panic As Biden’s Approval Ratings Remain Low

Democrats Panic As Biden’s Approval Ratings Remain Low

Democrats Panic as Biden’s Approval Ratings Remain Low

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Every day pushes America and its people closer to a time when they will have to decide on who will lead them for the next four years, and the Democrats seem to be losing faith in the man competing on behalf of their party. 

There are less than six months before the electoral showdown, but the tension in the ranks of Democrats is palpable. None of them dare to speak out, afraid of making themselves look weaker than they already are. 

There Is a List of Challenges

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The Democratic Party’s weakness is apparent despite how much it tries to hide it, and now its donors are asking questions, having picked up on it. One adviser to the major donors has compiled a long list of reasons their representative, Joe Biden, might not win in the upcoming election. Some of these reasons include concerns about his age, discontent with his handling of the migrant crisis, problems with inflation, and the apparent dislike people seem to have for Vice President Kamala Harris.

The Donors Are Spooked

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An adviser to the Democratic Party has revealed how deep the donors’ concerns run. According to the adviser, they have grown weary of being asked what they think, so much so that when a donor asks now, they present them with the comprehensive list of obstacles Biden faces on his path to victory. While they pore through the list in despair, the adviser pours them a much-needed drink.

The List of Positive Points Continue To Dwindle

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The same adviser has also confirmed that those who remain with the democratic party have very little to be optimistic about, claiming that the list of positives is so small they have not bothered to keep it on their phone. It highlights how bad things look, meaning a world where Biden gets re-elected may not exist. 

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Speaking Out Is Risky

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One Democratic operative in close association with the White House who has not been named for obvious reasons has revealed how dangerous it is becoming to speak out against what is happening. According to them, nobody wants to be caught dead spreading negativity or confirming that the man they have pinned their hopes on is making costly mistakes.

It Is Not Just About Losing the Election

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Those in support of Biden know precisely what is at stake should he eventually lose. One loyalist has said they are more worried about what will happen to democracy in the country if Biden loses than anything else. They all know how high the stakes are and are concerned about the consequences of a loss. 

Trump Has Gathered More Funds Than Biden

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Money plays a central role in electoral politics, and Biden’s party has not inspired enough people to donate it. Meanwhile, his rival, Donald Trump, for all his faults, seems to be doing that effortlessly. April saw the Republicans raise $25 million more than the Democratic Party, with one notable event in Palm Beach bringing in a record-breaking $50.5 million for them. 

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Democrats Are Now Begging For More Funding

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Biden and his supporters have been working to solicit more funds for his campaign in the face of all that is happening. He recently paid a visit to Boston, where he attended fundraising events, and one saw the Massachusetts Governor, Maura Healey, make a desperate plea to donors. She appreciated those who had already donated and then, in another breath, appealed to them to cough up even more clear proof of how urgently the party needs financial support.

Trump Is Slowly Winning Over Democratic Voters

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Things are certainly looking up for Trump. He is now not just convincing Republicans and those on the fence to support him with their votes but also luring Democratic voters. This was evident at a recent rally in the South Bronx, where he boldly appealed to traditionally Democratic voters, and some of them actually looked to be considering it, a fact that has many Democratic officials worried. 

It Is Certain To Be a Tight Race

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Representative Ritchie Torres from the South Bronx has expressed concerns about how close the upcoming election will be. He ultimately believes Trump should not even be a candidate, and he is alarmed that he has been allowed to become such a significant threat to Biden’s victory.

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How Biden's Campaign Is Responding to Trump's Moves

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While Trump has taken strategic steps toward victory, Biden’s campaign has remained rigidly focused on broadcasting its core messages. The campaign spokesman, Kevin Munoz, is convinced that their groundwork will help them win against Trump’s campaign strategies.

Some Democrats Think the Campaign Strategy Needs To Be Reassessed

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A Democratic strategist by the name of Pete Giangreco is worried about the current direction of Biden’s campaign and has stated that it is not a path that looks like it leads to victory. Such a statement proves that many democrats think the campaign strategy needs to be revised quickly before it becomes too late.

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