Friday, June 14, 2024
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China, Russia Relationship Under Watch After Putin and Xi Meeting

China, Russia Relationship Under Watch After Putin and Xi Meeting

China, Russia Relationship Under Watch After Putin and Xi Meeting

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Russia and China are two world powers with enough resources to threaten the whole world. So, when their presidents, Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping, start getting closer because of their opposition to Western ideals, everybody, especially the US, is paying attention. 

Putin and Jinping’s recent meeting in Beijing on Thursday, May 16, 2024, is evidence of how close they have become. During the meeting, the two powerful men renewed their commitment to strengthening ties between their countries and discussed other controversial matters.

What They Talked About

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When they met on Thursday, Putin and Jinping discussed various topics, including Russia’s war on Ukraine and the economy. The two seemed equally committed to their agenda of becoming sovereign leaders not influenced or controlled by the United States.

Bad Blood Between the US and Russia

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Things were not always 100% between Russia and the USA, but these past couple of years have seen those tensions deepen. It became worse when the US government under Biden rose to the defense of Ukraine by sending aid to Kyiv, helping it defend itself. This made Putin livid, and the world thought it was about to become World War 3. 

Tension Between the US and China

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In a playbook similar to Putin’s, it would seem Xi Jinping also harbors a desire to make Taiwan a part of China while questioning Taiwanese independence. This has triggered a lot of tension between both countries, especially since the United States has confirmed it will readily defend Taiwan in case China does invade. 

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Fears of a Nuclear War

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One of the worst things about the tension between these three countries is that they all have nuclear weapons — instruments of mass destruction that will leave the Earth changed forever.

In light of the palpable fear, Russia and China released a statement made up of a single sentence that perhaps shows where they stand. According to them, a nuclear war can have no victor, and it should never happen. 

Bragging Rights

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From the statement Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin made about a nuclear war, it is obvious they are confident in what nuclear weaponry they possess. The countries with these weapons have bragging rights as they are crucial to each country’s national security outfit.

A Transactional Relationship

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The recent meeting between the presidents of China and Russia is proof that their relationship is getting stronger, which ultimately impacts the US’s sway on the world at large. Still, experts think this relationship is transactional at best, as both countries have their respective national interests.

A Lethal Warning

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In March, Putin threatened to escalate the threat of a nuclear war if soldiers were sent into Ukraine from the West. He tentatively overlooks the supply of weaponry and other supplies, but the troops are where he draws the line, and the allies of Ukraine have not crossed it yet for good reasons. 

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Russia Seems Weaker in Comparison to China

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When both presidents met, it seemed they were on equal grounds, except they were not. Putin was seemingly at a disadvantage because his country is currently under heavy sanctions and is increasingly becoming more isolated, the world’s response to the war in Ukraine.

The imbalance was probably obvious, especially to the shrewd Jinping. However, he welcomed the Russian president warmly at their summit, giving him the briefest of hugs as cameras clicked away and a band performed old Red Army songs.

Putin Appeared More Psyched About the Meeting

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During the summit, Putin, acutely aware of his weaker position, only praised China and its president. He praised the country’s economy and even claimed he and Jinping were as close as siblings. On the other hand, Jinping was more reserved with his remarks, only describing Putin as a “good friend” and “good neighbor.”

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The US Does Not Like the Coalition

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The deepening bond between Russia and China worries the US, and the government has been pressuring China to reduce the closeness. Just last month, Secretary of State Antony Blinken issued a warning to China.

He said it needed to stop trading components with Russia, an action that ultimately fueled the invasion of Ukraine. The fact that the two presidents went on to meet this month proves they no longer want to be influenced by the US.

The Presidents Also Discussed Isreal

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Both Russia and China have condemned the USA’s support of Israel’s war against Hamas. Their comments point to an effort to strengthen ties across the Global South and align with the criticism of the opposition of what Israel is doing in Gaza.

The recent summit proves that China and Russia’s rift with the West continues to widen, but what this means for the future remains to be seen.

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