Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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California City Removes Traffic Lights to Prevent Theft By Nearby Homeless Community

California City Removes Traffic Lights to Prevent Theft By Nearby Homeless Community
Source: Pinterest

California City Removes Traffic Lights to Prevent Theft By Nearby Homeless Community

Source: Pinterest

The issue of homelessness in California is becoming rampant and causing major concern for the residents of the state. In Oakland, California, it is reported that homeless people in the area are stealing copper wires. 

Several attempts have been made to end these incessant acts, but none have worked. The issue of homeless people stealing copper wires persists. In an attempt to address the problem further, the city was forced to take down the traffic lights and install temporary stop signs in their place.

California’s High Rate of Homelessness and Attempts To Tackle It

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It is no news that California cities have the highest number of homeless people in the United States. This is due to the high cost of living in the state. Virtually everything is expensive in California. This made it difficult for some to afford housing and basic amenities. 

There have been attempts to tackle the issue of homelessness in the state. Recently, Proposition 1 was passed in March 2024, which provided $6 billion to start providing housing and treatment beds for homeless people and mentally ill people. 

Homeless People Live in Underground Caves Beneath California

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California’s homeless people are seen on street corners at the end of each day. Not only do they sleep on the street, but they also encamp themselves in underground caves beneath California. 

It was discovered in January 2024. There have been attempts to clear people off these caves, but they keep going back there because they have nowhere else to go. 


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Limitation on Locations of Homeless People’s Encampments

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Due to the increasing number of homelessness in California, the government has come up with a $12 billion homelessness plan in May 2024. Despite attempts to tackle homelessness in the state, it seems to be increasing. 

The proposed $12 billion bill would place explicit limitations on the locations of homeless people’s encampments. To provide safety and cleanliness in Californian cities, majorly targets school zones, parks, and transit hubs.

Homeless People Stealing Copper Wires From the Four-Way Traffic Lights

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There have been several reports about homeless people stealing copper wires from the four-way traffic lights in Oakland, California. 

To tackle this issue, the four-way traffic lights at an intersection have had to be removedThis is a new development after many attempts to stop them have failed. Hopefully, this new development will stop the thieves. 

Implication of Tampering With the Copper Wires

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Stealing and tampering with the copper wires have negative effects. Reports indicate that it’s affecting traffic lights in the area, which in turn can make driving through the intersection dangerous. 

Many near-misses occurred whenever vehicles passed by because the traffic lights were not functioning well. Even if the stop signs are a somewhat welcome solution, the issue is persistent and requires appropriate attention.

Previous Attempts To Stop Thieves From Stealing the Copper Wires

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One of the previous efforts made to prevent the thieves from tampering and stealing the copper wire was to put cement over the boxes they were put into. 

But this attempt seemed like a waste of time as it did not stop the thieves from stealing the copper wires. They still managed to enter the box and take the copper. 


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Oakland Residents Wanted the Homeless People Flushed Out

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Several attempts are being put in place to prevent the occurrences of homeless people from continuing to encamp in nearby cities of Oakland, but none of them seems to be working. 

The residents of Oakland are not convinced about any efforts yet. They wanted the homeless people completely flushed out as they continued to pose a threat to the community.

Stealing of Copper Wires From Tesla Charging Stations

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Some of the homeless people in California seem to have chosen to steal copper as a means of survival. The copper from traffic lights is not the only material that has been stolen; they have also been stealing copper wires from Tesla charging stations. 

These copper wires from Tesla charging stations cost about $3 per pound. And this has happened several times at the Tesla charging stations. 

The Rise of Homelessness Is Causing Crime

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The Oakland residents no longer feel safe in the city as violence is becoming increasingly common. The rise of homeless people in the area is encouraging crime. 

The residents of the neighborhood wanted the government to help find a lasting solution to the issue of homeless encampments in the city and provide lasting solutions to reduce rising crimes. 

Effect of Homelessness on Businesses

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The issue of homelessness is gradually affecting businesses in Oakland. The homeless encampment in the area is making business owners within the city lose customers as people are forced to start avoiding the area. 

The business owners are also calling on Oakland officials to find a lasting solution to the homelessness problem in the area. They are worried about the safety of their businesses. 


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Homeless Encampments Continue To Grow in the Oakland Area

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Despite the worrisome business owners and residents of Oakland about the problems of homelessness in the area, it seems not to be dying down any moment from now as homeless encampments continue to grow in the area. 

Currently, the encampments are said to cut across three blocks on E. 12th Street between 17th and 14th Avenues. This means that more efforts are needed to find lasting solutions in the area. 

Other Possible Measures To Deal With Homelessness Issue in Oakland

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To deal with homelessness problems in Oakland, there should be a provision for increasing affordable housing options. Generally, housing is considered expensive in California. 

Also, the government should provide support services like mental health resources and job training programs. There should also be collaboration with community organizations to offer outreach and assistance to those experiencing homelessness.


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