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50 Cent’s Viral Comment on Trump Sparks Reactions on X

A picture of 50 Cent
Source: Pinterest

50 Cent’s Viral Comment on Trump Sparks Reactions on X

Source: Pinterest

Rapper 50 Cent recently commented on Donald Trump, and his statement quickly went viral, eliciting reactions from fans and celebrities. 

He went on Twitter to post several messages strongly criticizing the former President, leaving many to ask what could have provoked the artist to post those messages.

50 Cent Made a Comment

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In a post that went viral extremely fast, 50 Cent chose to express his thoughts on some recent Trump news on X. 

After Trump was found guilty of several charges, 50 Cent responded on X to the news that his presidential campaign has reportedly raised an astounding sum of money.

The Infamous Tweet

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The tweet in question read: “F**k Trump” with emojis, a middle finger, and a red X sign. 


The precise and unambiguous declaration sparked controversy among fans as some of them demanded his apology while others supported his freedom of speech.

Fans Reaction

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The tweet went down well with fans who took to their social media pages to express their feelings. Some fans applauded 50 Cent for his honesty, while others demanded that he should apologize for saying ‘f**k’. 


This remained the case, with the two parties refusing to give in to each other.


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Celebrities React

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This elicited intervention from several celebrities who supported 50 Cent and others who condemned him for coming up with such language. 


Others such as Snoop Dogg, a long-time friend and collaborator, rose for his defense, on the other hand, personalities like Joe Budden, T. I among others expressed their disappointment.

The Context of the Comment

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Although some followers might have been shocked by his anger, others recall that 50 Cent has previously expressed his hatred towards Trump.


 Indeed, the rapper was rather vocal in his criticism of the former President, who he said posed a great danger to the Black population through his policies.


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The Efficiency of Social Networking

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Taken together, the tweet is a perfect illustration of how social media can be influential in changing people’s perceptions. 


Given his millions of followers, 50 Cent could easily set the nation talking and have his thoughts on countless fans’ lips.

Trump Receives Huge Support

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The former president was endorsed by a large number of responses to 50 Cent’s tweet. 


Many others asserted that Trump wouldn’t be harmed by these latest guilty convictions, particularly given how much money he seems to be raising. “Trump’s laughin’ straight to the bank,” said one user in response to the post.

The Effect on His Career

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While some may have considered 50 Cent’s tweet as a daring move, others may have deemed it as a foolish action that could affect his career in the long run. Will the fans keep following him and his work or will they turn against him?


People reacted to the message on Twitter and, as usual, fans of both sides are not shy to express what they feel. From light-hearted jokes to earnest appeals, the debate persisted well beyond the first few hours of the tweetstorm.

Supporters Donation

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The Trump campaign claims that since his guilty verdicts were announced, the former president has already raised more than $200 million. This revelation has led several Trump supporters to brag about their accomplishments. 


On the claims that millions of dollars were donated in such a short period, others, however, have very different perspectives.


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Trump Critics' Reaction to the Comment

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50 Cent’s comments section did not only feature Trump supporters. The original post and a few of Trump’s fans in the comments area drew the attention of numerous Trump critics on X. 


In response to the funds gathered by Trump’s campaign, someone asserted, “Those same people won’t donate to the poor.”

The Aftermath of 50 Cent’s Comment

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Looking back in detail it can be seen that the comment by 50 Cent has started a debate that will not go away even when this particular tweet is long forgotten. Whether you support his position or not he has undoubtedly left a mark on the culture of today.


Whether one agrees or disagrees with what 50 Cent said, his tweet has established him further as a figure with influence. Whether he continues his tirade against Trump or turns to lighter fare is yet to be seen.

Repercussion of Free Speech

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50 Cent’s tweet in the age of the intensified politicization of social media can be considered a vivid example of the relevance of free speech. 


Some people may not like his approach, but one thing for sure is that he has identified the haunting desire within many people in the United States of America to exercise their freedom of speech on social media platforms.

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