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Home Entertainment Ayesha Curry and Stephen Curry’s Love Story — a Timeline into Their Unbreakable Love Affair

Ayesha Curry and Stephen Curry’s Love Story — a Timeline into Their Unbreakable Love Affair

Ayesha Curry and Stephen Curry’s Love Story — a Timeline into Their Unbreakable Love Affair

Married a year short of a decade, Stephen and Ayesha Curry still emit the substance of a typical fairy tale love story.

Stephen Curry and Ayesha Curry have a relationship that has stood the test of time for several years. The pair legalized their union in 2011, since welcoming three additions to the family.

Despite their growing family, which comes with its share of responsibilities, the Hollywood power couple has managed to keep the fire burning in their love life.


The love birds had their first meeting in a church youth group in Charlotte, North Carolina. Stephen was fifteen years old at the time, while his to-be-wife was fourteen. Admittedly, their first meeting was not exactly a fairy tale one, as Ayesha instantly ruled him as “out of her league.”

According to the cookbook author, Stephen caught the eyes of every teenage girl in the church because of his cuteness. As a result, she concluded he was not for her. 

She couldn’t have been more wrong. Several years later, after their marriage, Stephen opened up about his instant connection to Ayesha, saying he always had his eyes on her, but “got a little shaken.”

Not like it would have worked out then, though. The 31-year-old chef once revealed she was not allowed to date in high school thanks to her religious upbringing.


Their relationship did not kick off until many years later. By this time, the duo already chose their career paths. Ayesha delved into acting and modeling, while Stephen had become a rising NBA star, playing with North Carolina’s Davidson College.

Stephen and Ayesha reconnected when the athlete attended the ESPY Awards in New York. The basketball champion met up with his secret teenage crush.

Ayesha admitted she knew nothing about college basketball, or the ESPY Awards, or what Steph did for a living at the time. They eventually hooked up and rekindled their teenage friendship.

After a while, the two went on their first date, where Steph Curry managed to impress the actress. Before their date, Ayesha was against hooking up with an athlete because from her childhood, she believed they were arrogant. The NBA star proved himself the opposite of what she thought, giving their love story a chance to work out.

Soon, they became a love pair, having their first kiss in 2008, on the driveway of Stephen’s parent’s house. Ayesha and Stephen Curry began dating in August 2008.


Three years after becoming a couple, the pair decided to take their relationship a notch further. Stephen Curry popped the big question at the same spot they had their first kiss, and Ayesha was all too glad to become his wife.


On July 30, 2011, the cooking television personality became Stephen Curry’s wife. The pair tied the knot in Charlotte, North Carolina. While the actress was 22 at the time, her other half was twenty-three.

Not long after sealing their union, the duo became expectant parents. They welcomed their first daughter, Riley Curry, in 2012. Two years later, their second daughter, Ryan, joined the family in July 2015. Again in July 2018, the Hollywood icons welcomed their third addition, their son, Canon W. Jack Curry.


Now, parents to three amazing kids, the entertainment icons are focused on supporting Stephen’s NBA career, growing Ayesha’s cooking empire, and rooting for a normal life for their children, away from the spotlights.

Ayesha Curry’s children have attained a level of popularity due to their parent’s stardom. The doting parents, however, strive to prevent fame from stealing away their childhood by regulating how much exposure they have.

While the pair have found a way to create a balance in their kids’ lives, finding the same balance in theirs has been daunting. During a 2019 sit down with Jada Pinkett on “The Red Table Talk,” Ayesha Curry admitted that stardom attracted a lot of women to her husband. That, she said, caused her a level of insecurity.

Although the admission garnered the model media criticism, Stephen came to her defense, commending her for opening up without fear of critics. Ayesha Curry’s husband went on to reaffirm his love for her, encouraging her to keep being real.

Their relationship has exuded nothing but unmatched love ever since.