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10 Celebrities Who Make Us Want to Be Vegan Too

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Be it health reasons, preferences, or moral obligations, maintaining a vegan diet is a lifestyle embraced by thousands each year. Among the adherents of vegan diets are notable celebrities who have proved the eating habit worth trying out.

Over the years, the vegan diet has garnered widespread popularity, with many adopting the plan by the numbers. Notably, the vegan lifestyle involves avoiding animal-based products and opting for their plant alternatives.

A vegan diet | Image: Unsplash

Unlike vegetarianism, which requires one to avoid the consumption of meat and by-products of animal slaughter, veganism requires adherents to abstain from the use of animals or their by-products in diets or other forms of application. Veganism excludes meat, fish, dairy, and egg from the diet, while discouraging the use of animal-based supplements and materials.

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The practice was originally frowned upon by many during its first introductions and considered impracticable. However, it gained acceptance with time, so much so that an employment tribunal ruled ethical veganism as a philosophical belief protected by law in February 2020.

Several celebrities have identified with the lifestyle over the years for a variety of reasons, with its fantastic health benefits topping the list. Aside from health factors, however, reasons ranging from activism, ethics, keeping to shape, or making a moral statement has contributed to promoting the practice among notable personalities. Here is a list of ten famous stars who are vegans.


Singer, Miley Cyrus went vegan in 2014, keeping up with the lifestyle religiously in the years that followed. Taking the practice a notch further, the star has collaborated with Converse to produce ethical apparel. Since then, the 27-year-old has remained an observer of cruelty-free fashion, rooted for the animal organization, PETA, and identified with other vegans.


Due to his health and for the love of animals, Formula One driver, Lewis Hamilton, embraced veganism years ago. According to the icon, before going vegan, he experienced abnormal sleeping patterns and abdominal discomfort.

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However, Hamilton began seeking alternative sources of protein that would not negatively affect his gut or general wellbeing. In his search, the racer stumbled upon the vegan diet, which significantly improved his well being.


Another female celebrity sticking to veganism is Ariana Grande, who adopted a no-animal diet from her childhood. However, her observance of veganism began in 2013. The actress and singer took to Twitter to disclose the vegan commitment to her fans, which gained her the thumbs up from animal organization, PETA.

Speaking openly on her decision to go vegan, the former child star cited her love for animals and her belief that eating plant-based food would increase one’s life span.


To reap from the amazing benefits of becoming vegan, “Riverdale” actor, Cody Kearsley decided to go vegan over three years ago. Speaking on his decision, the icon revealed:

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“I became vegan after researching the benefits of a plant-based diet. I stayed vegan after learning about the horrors of the meat and dairy industry, and the catastrophic impact it has on the animals, our planet, and our bodies.”

Kearsley has since remained a strict adherent to the vegan diet plan.


Hip hop goddess, Beyonce has stuck to the vegan lifestyle for several years, backed by her husband, Jay-Z. In 2018, the songstress detailed her vegan routine ahead of her Coachella performance. 

A year later, Beyonce also supported the lifestyle, documenting her eating and exercise regimen on her YouTube channel titled “22 Days Nutrition.” The nutrition plan followed a strict vegan routine.


Sporting one of the sexiest bodies in Hollywood, “High School Musical” actor Zac Efron credited his killer physique to veganism. The entertainment icon cultivated the plant-based diet plan barely three years ago, and the outcome is already evident in his physical appearance. Think Lifeguard Matt Brody in “Baywatch.”


The Williams sisters make the list of celebrities who prefer to abide strictly to an animal-friendly diet. Venus Williams embraced the lifestyle several years ago following her Sjogren’s syndrome diagnosis.

Williams, however, admitted to having fallen in love with the lifestyle once it became part of her. She described the diet as a means of fueling the body in the best possible way. Although the 16-time grand slam champion started with a strict raw vegan diet, she introduced cooked plant-based foods into her routine eventually. The practice has helped her on and off the court.


Actress Taraji P. Henson switched to a vegan lifestyle in the wake of 2020. Addressing the lifestyle change in an interview, the “Empire” star revealed she adopted the vegan diet after a doctor in Macon warned her to switch diets or risk coming down with stomach cancer. She chose life and has admittedly felt better ever since.


“Game Of Thrones” icon, Nathalie Emmanuel, is another celebrity who adopted a vegan lifestyle for non-health-imposed reasons. She embraced the healthy-eating habit over eight years ago, first trying it out for a week.

After receiving positive acclaim from people, and having several other comments on her skin glow and bright eyes, she knew vegan was the way. She stuck to the practice and never looked back.


Another Hollywood’s sexiest, Liam Hemsworth, is an unrepentant observer of the vegan diet. He dropped animal-based foods and supplements in early 2015 and turned to veganism.

The actor’s decision to embrace the vegan lifestyle came about after he learned about the mistreatment of animals. His compliance ever since has been admirable. During his 2018 marriage to ex-wife, Miley Cyrus, the couple, both vegans, dished out a memorable vegan menu to the attendees without exceptions.

No matter the reasons for adopting the lifestyle, these vegan celebrities have one thing in common— their commitment to protecting the animal population.

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