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HomeGeneral“All By Myself” Singer Eric Carmen Dies at 74

“All By Myself” Singer Eric Carmen Dies at 74

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“All By Myself” Singer Eric Carmen Dies at 74
Source; Good Morning America/YouTube

Eric Carmen, the iconic American singer/songwriter known for his timeless ballad “All By Myself,” sadly passed away at 74. He died on March 11, according to his wife’s confirmation. His wife officially announced his passing on his website.

However, she did not disclose the cause of death or specify the location. She only mentioned that he passed away “in his sleep, over the weekend.” This lack of detail has left fans and the public with unanswered questions surrounding the circumstances of his passing.

“It is with tremendous sadness that we share the heartbreaking news of the passing of Eric Carmen. Our sweet, loving, and talented Eric passed away in his sleep over the weekend,” she wrote. “It brought him great joy to know that for decades, his music touched so many and will be his lasting legacy. Love Is All That Matters. Faithful and Forever.”

The cause of his passing has not been disclosed, leaving his fans and admirers in a state of uncertainty. Carmen’s powerful voice and lyrics touched the hearts of millions worldwide. He has  left behind a legacy that will resonate for generations to come. 

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Born on August 11, 1949, in Cleveland, Ohio, Carmen showed his musical talent early on. He joined the rock band The Raspberries in the early 1970s, where they became famous for their tunes and harmonious vocals.

“I had spent my youth with my head between two stereo speakers listening to the Byrds and the Beatles and later on the Beach Boys,” Carmen had said in a 1991 interview published on his personal website.

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The band scored hits like “Go All The Way.” After the band broke up, Carmen started a successful solo career. “Unshackled from having to write for three specific guys and myself, my brain just kind of opened up,” he told The Observer.

“Also, I didn’t want to make a record that sounded just like the Raspberries, because I thought, Jesus, everybody will go, ‘Oh, here he goes again, he’s just repeating what he already did.’”

Alongside classics like “All by Myself” and “Hungry Eyes,” he delivered other notable hits such as “Never Gonna Fall in Love Again,” “Almost Paradise,” and “She Did It.” Following the news of Carmen’s passing, tributes flooded in from fellow musicians, including Slash, who expressed their condolences. 

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David Spero, Carmen’s manager, also shared his sorrow, emphasizing Carmen’s global impact as a songwriter. Spero said that Carmen’s songs had been covered by a diverse range of artists, from Celine Dion to Hank Williams Jr., showing the widespread influence of his music.

Kiss frontman Paul Stanley expressed his sorrow over the loss of Eric Carmen in a heartfelt social media post. “Although known to many for writing radio hits like “All By Myself” and others, Eric was a true rocker at heart,” Stanley wrote. “His voice had elements of McCartney and Steve Marriott. The Raspberries did shows with us. A killer band live & I loved their records.” 

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