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“My Revenge Will be Success,” Trump Describes His “Revenge” Plan After Hush-Money Conviction

“My Revenge Will be Success,” Trump Describes His “Revenge” Plan After Hush-Money Conviction
Source: Pinterest

“My Revenge Will be Success,” Trump Describes His “Revenge” Plan After Hush-Money Conviction

Source: Pinterest

Following being convicted following a current notable New York City trial, Trump called his opponents evil and termed the proceedings a fraud during an exclusive conversation with Fox News.

He spoke of gaining his retribution in the conversation, claiming that it would be successful.

The Interview

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During the proceedings, Trump was able to voice his opinions along with outline his complaints for the first time, thanks to a Fox appearance. This was recorded following the verdict.

The hosts questioned Trump candidly during the cordial conversation, which helped the public understand how he felt.

Difficult for the General Population

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During the course of the conversation, Trump appeared to dismiss his personal worries about the charges against him, stating that it was going to be challenging for the people to accept him being placed under residence confinement.

According to him, there ought to be a limit that exists.

The Proceedings

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Trump was found guilty of 34 counts of manipulating company documents by a judge in New York last Thursday, making him a convicted criminal.

According to these accusations, Trump planned to give the pornographer “hush payment” in order to rig the presidential election of 2016. With the outcome of the trial, he becomes the sole ex American president to face criminal charges.

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Not Afraid of Prison

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Cheers were audible in the corridor, but he sat in the courtroom looking solemn when the ruling was delivered towards him.

In the Fox interview, Trump maintained his composure and stated that he would be fine spending whatever imprisonment or home confinement sentence.

Difficult Times

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Even though he presented a positive image during the discussion, it became apparent that the legal fight had an impact on him. According to Trump, his relatives had endured more hardships during the criminal proceedings compared to him.

Trump stated that while his spouse Melania is doing well, he believes it must be extremely challenging for her to process most of the negativity including unfavorable remarks.


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In the course of the conversation, He faced questions about his intentions toward seeking revenge toward his political rivals in the event that he wins the presidency in Fall.

Trump declared his plan for retaliation was going to be successful and labeled his foes as evil, deranged individuals who commit harmful acts. He went on to say that should it hadn’t been for him, they would have been going after a different individual, yet he thinks his rivals are unlikely to succeed the same.

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Fraud Investigation


During the trial, Trump continued to argue that he had been the victim of political harassment along with believing he endured treatment unjustly.

Trump claimed that everyone knows it’s a hoax and added that the GOP has remained united since they believe the Federal Bureau of Investigation along with the Department of Justice, which are both based in Washington, D.C are being weaponized.

Lawsuit Issues

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Regarding the proceedings itself, Trump claimed that the other side received special consideration against himself while also claiming his lawyer’s arguments were consistently and arbitrarily rejected.

In addition, Trump claimed the ruling lacked objectivity since Gop earned roughly zero vote within the heavily Liberal metropolis of New York State.

Terrible Individuals

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Along with criticizing the judiciary along with the ruling, Trump additionally targeted some conservatives as well as people he saw to be his enemies.

Trump claimed that those who oppose him were a threat coming from the inside and that they are harming the nation. He further called them demented and insane.

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Campaign Contributions

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In some respects, he claimed, the latest verdict contributed to his presidential bid. He stated that when the general population learned of the unfavorable decision in the matter, he had raised $53 million.

For the majority of the presidential campaign so far, Biden has raised more money than Trump, and Biden continues to hold the campaign finance advantage. But Trump seems to be getting greater sums recently, whereas Biden is getting less.

Influencing the Race

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It is unclear how the decision will affect the election in November. Trump continues to lead Biden nationwide according to FiveThirtyEight, scoring 40.9% to 39.8%.

The verdict might encourage as well as influence supporters in favor of Trump, however the opposite might take place as well. One in ten republicans, according to a new Reuters survey, said they would cast their votes against Trump in light of the negative conviction.

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