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The Things People Misunderstand About the Ten Commandments

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The Things People Misunderstand About the Ten Commandments

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The Christian Bible and the Jewish Tanakh’s books of Exodus are the source of the Decalogue’s Ten Commandments. They are a set of guidelines for living that God has prescribed. 


Even though the Ten Commandments appear to be simple instructions, there are a few myths surrounding this significant period of religious and human history.

Belief About the Ten Commandments

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The belief that the Ten Commandments are obsolete for us today is one of the misconceptions held by both Christians and non-Christians regarding them, which results in an undervaluation of them. 


The Ten Commandments are seen by many non-Christians as antiquated concepts from a bygone era, while other Christians maintain that the Ten Commandments were written only for the people of Israel and that their application ended with the arrival of Christ. These two statements are incorrect.  

The Commandments Serve as a Guide

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The Ten Commandments embody the essence of God’s moral rule, which He included into the universe He created and which ought to guide human behavior. 


Therefore, these rules function to govern life and maintain social order rather than being ancient artifacts from a bygone era.

Muslims Impact the Ten Commandments

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The idea that the Ten Commandments were written only for Christians is among the most widespread misconceptions about them. Both the Christian Bible and the Jewish Tanakh contain the original Ten Commandments, which are followed as a set of guidelines by followers of both religions. 


Furthermore, Islam has been impacted by the Ten Commandments. Every law is mentioned at least once in the Qur’an, even though it doesn’t list them all in the same order.


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The Famous Bible Verse

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Among the most well-known verses in the entire Bible are undoubtedly the Ten Commandments. Even though they may not be aware of the specifics, many individuals are aware that God gave them the Ten Commandments.


Different from the many other specific commandments in the Torah that were meant only for ancient Israel, people sometimes presume that because the Ten Commandments were carved in stone, they apply to everyone throughout history.

False Belief That the Commandments Is the Israel Law

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A false belief that Israel’s laws are summed up in the Ten Commandments. To suggest that they are the source or seed of Israel’s laws would be more correct. 


In addition to guiding how to live obediently to God’s commands, these additional instructions cover topics unrelated to the Ten Commandments, such as agricultural laws, instructions for Israel’s future king, and advice on how to care for widows and orphans.


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Obeying the Ten Commandments

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The Ten Commandments often begin with “thou shalt not,” depending on the translation, giving the impression that they are only a list of things to avoid doing. 


However, they truly are far more than that. God’s people can and should live by the Ten Commandments as spiritual and moral guidelines. They offer uplifting teachings that encourage moral behavior and improve a person’s relationships with God, other people, and themselves.

Different Interpretations

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Although Christians and Jews both adhere to the Ten Commandments, their interpretations of them are very different. Not only do they write the same words differently, but their interpretations of them also differ. 


Even within Judaism and Christianity, certain factions adhere to the Commandments in seemingly incompatible ways.

The Third Commandment

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“Do not say the Name of your God, in vain,” is the third commandment. In actuality, this is about making a vow in the name of God and then breaking it. 


God’s Name conveys a fundamental quality of God. So saying it too often is undoubtedly negative. However, it is wrong to swear an oath in God’s name and subsequently violate that oath.


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What the Fourth Commandment State

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The fourth commandment says to remember and keep the sabbath day holy. You must work for six days and complete all of your tasks, but the seventh day is the LORD’s, your God’s, Sabbath. 


For Christians, Sunday was the day of worship according to this instruction, and the day is meant for worship. 

What Is Sabbath Day?

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Shabbat, as it is known in Judaism, is observed from Friday night through Saturday night. Nothing gets done at that period. The Sabbath commandment is more than simply taking time off work or attending church, as many people mistakenly believe. 


It’s about setting aside some time each week to express appreciation for one’s life and God’s blessings.

All Forms of Stealing Should Be Avoided

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It also seems pretty clear that the eighth Commandment, “Thou shalt not steal,” applies. However, it involves much more than merely abstaining from stealing. Naturally, stealing would be taking something that is not yours. 


However, so would robbing someone of their serenity by nasty remarks, robbing someone of their honor by lying, or even robbing someone by offering a bribe or committing fraud.

The Starting Point of Christianity

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Many believe that the Ten Commandments are an exhaustive set of rules given by a Jewish or Christian god. That’s not quite accurate, though. 


The Ten Commandments serve as the cornerstone of morality, ethics, and worship, but they are only the beginning. Numerous additional commandments are contained in the sacred books of both religions as well as Islam.

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