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Tesla Rehires Supercharger Employees It Laid Off in Recent Staff Cuts

Tesla Rehires Supercharger Employees It Laid Off in Recent Staff Cuts
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Tesla Rehires Supercharger Employees It Laid Off in Recent Staff Cuts

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Tesla is a top brand well-known for its excellent electric vehicles. The automobile company is also famous for its contentious CEO, Elon Musk, who is in the news once more.

Musk abruptly fired almost 500 members of the Supercharging team in April 2024, including the director of charging for North America. Nevertheless, he rehired many of them after less than a month.

500 Members of the Supercharging Team

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Tesla announced on the 30th of last month that some 500 workers from its Supercharging division would be laid off. Several long-term staff members were also affected. Among them was Max de Zegher, the team’s director, who has worked with the company for more than ten years.

According to the release, the remaining team members will concentrate on completing the charging stations currently under development and constructing a handful of essential extras.


He made Promises

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Even though Tesla employs more than 140,000 people, those 500 layoffs were a considerable number. Despite being a vital component of the company, the Supercharging staff is far smaller than those in several other sectors.

Elon has declared that his goal is to create charging facilities everywhere they are needed. This is to guarantee that the US and other nations are ready to transition fully to electrically powered cars. Musk even brokered various agreements throughout the last

few years that let clients of other automakers access Tesla’s charging facilities for their electric cars.

It was an Astonishing Occurrence

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Several financial analysts appeared to be taken aback by Musk’s choice to terminate the employment of an extensive section of the supercharging team.

This is due to his prior statements and assurances about how Tesla will supply every nation with adequate charging facilities. Nevertheless, based on his past, Musk frequently makes audacious and far-reaching choices similar to the one at hand.

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Elon’s Bad Reputation

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Unquestionably, Elon Musk is an accomplished businessman. He founded and served as CEO of SpaceX, is the executive chairman of X (previously Twitter), and oversees Tesla and Neuralink.

But the infamous billionaire isn’t particularly credited with being tolerant, careful, or sensible in his choices. He earned a track record for being a difficult boss because of his hasty and unannounced dismissals.

His terrible Identity

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This is not the first time. Five years ago, Musk declared that the company would shut down most of its retail locations. The main purpose of this was to expand the business digitally. Naturally, this choice would lead to many cutbacks throughout the company’s 245 outlets in the US.

As a result, staff members felt incredibly anxious to know they would soon be losing their current employment. However, after just ten days, he took back the declaration. He then stated that they would be increasing the cost of their electric automobiles rather than laying off numerous employees.


Similar Occurrence in 2022

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Elon bought the well-known social media site Twitter in late 2022. Shortly after that, he declared that he planned to fire approximately fifty percent of the company’s employees.

However, barely two weeks after his declaration, he appealed to the workers he had let go to return to his company, further demonstrating the entrepreneur’s extraordinary recklessness and near-constant reversal yet again.


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Like what happened earlier, Musk also declared earlier this month his intention to reinstate many of the workers he had sacked only a few weeks earlier.

Given Musk’s background, the news wasn’t entirely shocking. Many contend that the CEO was practically compelled to retract his decision because he faced intense criticism from financiers, rival automakers, and even some of his staff members.

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Not much Information

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It is known that a portion of the Supercharging team was reinstated; however, the general audience is unaware of the precise number or identity of those hired again. 

When asked about the matter, both Musk and Max de Zegher commented nothing to the media. Musk additionally issued an extra ambiguous statement regarding the team’s present spending. 


Additional Stations

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Elon Musk stated that fewer new charging stations would be constructed and openly declared his intention to fire around 500 Supercharging employees.

However, a little over two weeks later, he abruptly disclosed to X that Tesla intended to construct a large number of additional outlets during the year. Further developing the Supercharger system requires a large investment of over $500 million. It’s crucial to remember that operating expenses, which are far higher, are not considered during this venture; they just involve fresh spaces and extensions.

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Tesla Charging

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The disclosure from Musk regarding the rehiring of previously dismissed staff and the investment of fifty million dollars in new electrical infrastructure coincided with Tesla Charging’s official statement.

In light of its internal change, Tesla Charging has shown appreciation to vendors and service providers for their forbearance. This implies that Musk’s seemingly mismatched choices were part of a strategy, although the restructuring contents are still unknown.


Price Increase?

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Whenever Musk initially declares cutbacks and later retracts his statement, this usually suggests that the company’s pricing will rise soon.

Therefore, it is highly probable that around the end of 2024, the latest Vehicle will be priced far above what it currently costs. Even though Musk has not stated much yet, buyers will have to pay additional money if he is forced to spend more, which he would certainly claim.

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