Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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Target Limits Pride Month Collection to Specific Stores After Facing Backlash in 2023

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Target Limits Pride Month Collection to Specific Stores After Facing Backlash in 2023

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Target has said that following a backlash and boycott during the 2023 Pride season, it will only offer its Pride Month collection in a limited number of locations. 


The merchant has decided to carry certain products in a limited number of locations, concentrating on those where past sales trends indicate success. Target is reducing the number of locations where Pride Month-related items will be sold in June 2024.

What Caused the Controversy?

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The outcry follows Target’s removal of certain items, including several transsexual swimsuits, from their LGBTQ+ themed collection last year due to negative feedback from customers and altercations between patrons and staff in specific shops. 


Target attributed a portion of its second-quarter sales decline to the backlash.

Sales Based On Review

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The company has announced that, in place of their Pride Month collection merchandise, all stores will now carry a selection of products that have been carefully chosen based on feedback from customers. 


These products include adult fashion, home goods, and so on. Based on past sales performance, the collection will be offered in some locations and on their website, as it was announced through the website. 

Encouraging the LGBTQ

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Target sent a digital message stating that it is dedicated to helping the LGBTQ+ community during Pride Month and all year. 


Primarily, they aim to establish a hospitable and encouraging work atmosphere for our LGBTQ+ colleagues, mirroring our caring culture for the thousands of employees at Target.


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Reason For Target’s Action

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Reducing the supply of Pride items was also necessary since some people had accosted employees and knocked over displays. In certain places last year, Target likewise relocated Pride decorations to the rear of its establishments. 


Target’s most recent actions are just one more illustration of how businesses are struggling to serve various clientele during a period of sharp cultural differences, particularly about transgender rights.

Target Faces Customers Rage

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Customers who were offended by Target’s response to militant, and anti-LGBTQ+ activism reacted negatively to the bargain retailer once again. Civil rights organizations chastised the business for giving in to consumer outcry over a line of gender-neutral swimwear it sold the previous year. 


Additionally, the anti-LGBTQ+ patrons uploaded ominous videos from within the establishments to social media.


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Employees Were Threatened

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Customers upset by the situation threatened to harm the employees, and some even boycotted the business. Following bomb threats, stores in about five states were forced to evacuate. 


A group that was previously led by Stephen Miller, a former advisor to Donald Trump, said that the corporation had let its investors down by getting involved in politics and cited a 20% drop in the company’s stock price as evidence.

Products Are Accessible Online

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Even though there may not be as many Pride products on your neighborhood Target shelves, the entire brand is still easily accessible online. Target strives to achieve equilibrium by catering to a wide range of customers while accommodating the differing opinions of various groups. 


To avoid the mistakes of prior years, the business is also carefully selecting which retailers will offer the line, a decision that was spurred by a previous issue.

Target Declaration of Support

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Target claims that despite lowering the amount of Pride Month collection merchandise that is available at all of their retail locations, they will still support LGBTQIA+ organizations all year long, including the Human Rights Campaign, Family Equality, and more. 


Their stores and online platforms will also highlight LGBTQ-owned businesses during Pride Month and all year long.


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Target Learnt From the Backlash

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Target’s CEO, Brian Cornell, stated that the business would be more deliberate when choosing goods for heritage months, which honor the accomplishments of underrepresented groups, after learning from the outcry. 


Target announced that it will have a slightly narrower selection and reevaluate the combination of its own and other national brand offers with its partners.

Target Decision After the Outcry

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The outcry extended beyond the internet and into Target stores, where tense exchanges between customers interrupted their ability to buy. 


As a result, Target decided to remove Pride displays from prime viewing locations in a few shops, mostly in the South. Target is now walking in between cultural and social issues, having learned from its previous indiscretion.

New Development

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Target is trying to strike a balance between celebrating diversity and taking into account the sensitivities of its diverse consumer base as it modifies its approach to Pride Month goods. 


People also want the corporation to have a thorough market presence in addition to courteous involvement.

Target Playing Safe

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According to Neil Saunders, Target looks to be playing it safe this year. This is evident not only in the reduction of the number of stores carrying Pride-themed merchandise but also in the company’s trimmed-down product line and more selective supplier selection. 


The business claimed that it continues to observe Pride Month in various ways, such as by participating in neighborhood pride activities close to its Minneapolis offices, endorsing LGBTQ-owned businesses, and supporting relevant advocacy organizations.

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