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School District Removes Black National Anthem From Concert, Sparking Outrage

School District Removes Black National Anthem From Concert, Sparking Outrage
Source: Pinterest

School District Removes Black National Anthem From Concert, Sparking Outrage

Source: Pinterest

The removal of the song “Lift Every Voice and Sing” from Spring Cove Middle School’s upcoming concert has sparked controversy as the intention of the removal was classified as a form of racism. 

According to Blair County School District Superintendent Betsy Baker and Middle School Principal Amy Miller, the decision to remove the song from the concert was not in any way related to race but to avoid community divisiveness. Baker said the reason for removing the anthem was that they wanted everyone to feel comfortable and to avoid any form of controversy. 

What Is the “Black National Anthem?”

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The song “Lift Every Voice and Sing” was composed by James Weldon Johnson in 1899. Its motive was to write a poem to celebrate the birthday of the former US President, Abraham Lincoln. 

According to the writer, the song was called National Hymn but was later popularized as the first black national anthem. 

NAACP Decides To Investigate the Removal Removal of the Anthem From the School’s Concert

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The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) of Blair County has announced that it will investigate the possible reason behind the removal of the anthem from the school’s concert. 

According to the NAACP, it is only right if everyone is respected and valued. Their decision is based on cultural values and the preservation of the significance of the anthem.


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Expression of Disappointment Over the School’s Decision

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Some parents whose children were to perform the anthem at the concert questioned Spring Cove Middle School’s decision to remove it from the concert. They expressed their disappointment and dissatisfaction. 

According to Stephen Hershberger, one of the parents of the child who was to perform in the concert. He expressed his disappointment over the school’s decision to remove the anthem from the concert just because few people were against it. He said that the school cares less about minority groups and those who don’t share the same beliefs as them. 

The School Says They Can’t Make Everyone Happy

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The school announced how difficult it was to reach such a decision. Superintendent Baker and Principal Miller said in an interview that they faced difficulty in trying to balance differing views within the community. 

Baker said that it’s not feasible to make everyone happy. He said it wasn’t easy to make the decision because the learning area is a diverse environment. 

Fear of Possible Disruption of the Event

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The school authority is concerned about the possible disruption of the concert. According to an official from the school, the school received different calls from people regarding the inclusion of the song in the concert. 

The school believed that many people were against it and that they must remove it to maintain decorum. The school board president said some parents threatened not to allow their students to attend the concert because of the song. 

Creating Comfortable Environments

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The decision to remove the performance of the anthem from the concert was also a result of students’ concern about the possible controversy. Some students complained that the anthem might create discomfort for them. 

The school decided to remove the song from the event in an attempt to create a comfortable environment for every student. 


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What Is NAACP’s View on the Removal of the Anthem From the Concert?

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The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) of Blair County has classified Cove Middle School’s decision as the first step on a slippery slope. 

The president of the NAACP, Andrae Holsey, said that the song encourages unity. He explained that the school authority’s decision to remove the anthem from the event could lead to more divisive issues. 

Minority Students Are the Target of the Decision

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The removal of the anthem is being classified as racism by some critics of the decision. The critics are focusing the decision on targeting the minority students of the school. 

Hershberger mentioned some of the challenges of being a minority student, which he described as a “daunting task.”

Investigation for Possible Racial Discrimination

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NAACP has promised to look into the decision made by the school to ensure it’s not related to any form of racism. 

The school’s decision is being questioned over the sudden removal of the anthem from the upcoming event a night before the concert. The school is being investigated for possible racial discrimination and representation. 

The Future of Inclusivity

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The future of inclusivity in school performances is still up in the air as this ruling settles. People are worried about how the decision will affect the inclusiveness of all races in Spring Cove Middle School. 

The district is under intense scrutiny when deciding how to honor and reflect the diverse student body at school-sponsored events.


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Difficulty in Finding Balance

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In a school like Spring Cove Middle School, there is difficulty in finding a balance between students with different races and views. 

Any decision made by the school authority seems to be checked by the affected race. The school’s decision would usually impact students’ cultural legacies. 

Possible Outcome of NAACP’s Investigation

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The NAACP investigation is taken seriously and is ongoing. The investigation will include questioning affected students, the community’s view, and the school authority itself. 

The outcome of NCAAP’s investigation will likely determine the future of decision-making at Spring Cove Middle School. The NAACP wants to ensure that no one is excluded from showcasing their cultural heritage and that everyone is included. 


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