Friday, June 14, 2024
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LAO Claims Newsom’s Budget Review $7 Billion Short

LAO Claims Newsom’s Budget Review $7 Billion Short
Source: Pinterest

LAO Claims Newsom’s Budget Review $7 Billion Short

Source: Pinterest

The Californian government has been facing a lot of budget-related issues over the past year. Recently, the Legislative Analyst Office (LAO) has revealed a $7 billion deficit in the state’s May budget revision.

Gavin Newsom’s Budget Troubles 

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Californian governor Gavin Newsom has had a tenure filled with many budget problems. Several deficits have been recorded, and this has been a big issue for the state.

Recently, a review of the state’s budget in May showed a $7 billion gap from the fiscal plan for the years 2024 to 2025. However, this is the lowest gap the state has recorded in months, making the LAO note it as an improvement. 

Cutting Costs

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Due to numerous budget deficits, the Democratic governor had no choice but to review the state’s budget in May. During this review, they came up with a new proposal that cut out $15.2 billion.

The state government also implemented a strategic pause on the expansion of some programs that were going to cost $14.8 billion. These cuts created a more manageable budget with fewer deficits.

A Possible Plan

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The state also has a contingency plan to use some of California’s reserves. According to reports, this includes using about $4.2 billion of the Golden State’s internal reserves to help close the budget gap. However, this should be a last resort, as relying on these funds could backfire and damage the state’s economy. 

Borrowing Funds

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After the review earlier in May, the Legislative Analyst’s Office in California estimated a new, reduced budget deficit of $7 billion.

Therefore, the new budget proposal also hopes to raise another $7.5 billion through non-tax revenues and borrowing some funds. If successful, an additional $3.4 billion could help the state’s budget. 

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Tough Decisions Ahead

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The LAO made an official statement after the budget review meeting. It stated that the legislative arm of the Californian government would need to find a way to balance the budget by recouping the $7 billion deficit. Therefore, the state will face a series of tough decisions that will help it meet its goals. 

Future Predictions

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There are future predictions for 2026 and 2027 concerning the state’s budget. To maintain a balanced budget for those years, the Californian government has to find a way to exceed the current projections.

For now, the state seems to be a little more stable, but the future forecasts are still very uncertain, keeping the government quite busy. 

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Fear of New Taxes

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As the budget deficits became more prominent, many residents of California became worried about their tax rates. They fear that the government will increase all their taxes or add new ones to make up for this huge deficit. However, Newsom has promised to not add any new taxes to make up for the deficit but will take other measures.


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However, the LAO is still hinting at possible complications with residents’ taxes. The LAO highlighted the Taxpayer Protection and Government Accountability Act (TPA), but the Californian governor and many other Democrats strongly oppose this bill.

If the act is passed, it will be more complicated for the government and residents as the November elections approach. 

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TPA’s Aim

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The Taxpayer Protection and Government Accountability Act (TPA) requires a two-thirds vote of the legislature before any statewide tax increase can be implemented.

Therefore, with voters’ approval, this could close the current gaps that cause lawmakers to easily approve tax increases without considering local residents. 

Government Proposes Alternatives 

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The Californian government and Democrats are not in support of the TPA going to the November ballot. Therefore, they proposed two alternative measures, ACA 1 and ACA 13.

These two alternatives have a slightly different aim from the TPA. They intend to lower voting thresholds for any new debts or taxes that the state may have.

The Impact of the Election Year

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As with most cases, an election year has a significant impact on any and everything most state leaders do. This year is no different. The outcome of the elections in November will shape the future of California’s fiscal policies.

Furthermore, it will also give a decisive future and decide if the TPA or any other measure will be put in place to help California reach better financial stability. 


The Future of the State

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Without a doubt, California is still on shaky ground regarding its financial health. However, the state’s governor and his aides are addressing its concerns and trying several ways to manage them appropriately.

Therefore, one can only hope that the numerous legislative actions, budget reviews, adjustments, and decisions of the voters will align in a way that will benefit the Golden State in the future. 

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