Sunday, June 16, 2024
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Jon Stewart Rails Against Kevin O’Leary Over Comments About Trump’s NY Civil Fraud Case

Jon Stewart Rails Against Kevin O’Leary Over Comments About Trump’s NY Civil Fraud Case

Jon Stewart Rails Against Kevin O’Leary Over Comments About Trump’s NY Civil Fraud Case

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Jon Stewart recently attacked Kevin O’Leary because of his comments regarding Donald Trump’s New York civil fraud case.

Comedian Jon Stewart recently criticized Kevin O’Leary for his comments about Donald Trump’s New York civil fraud case. He reacted that way because O’Leary’s comments sounded hypocritical, different from his comments about Trump on “Shark Tank.”

Is Donald Trump Broke? 

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News is making rounds on the internet, and off it, that former president Donald Trump has been struggling to pay his $464 million bond despite having a multi-billion-dollar worth.

This follows the discovery that he inflated his net worth and the value of his assets to get better business loans.

Kevin O’Leary’s Claims About Donald Trump 

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The judge already gave the verdict, but Kevin O’Leary remains convinced that Trump hasn’t committed fraud.
According to a report from Fox News, O’Leary said in an interview, “What fraud?” He also said it was no longer about Trump.

According to a report from Fox News, O’Leary said in an interview when questioned about the matter, “What fraud?” He also said it was no longer about Trump.

Kevin O’Leary Lost Faith in New York 

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Following the ruling against Trump, O’Leary revealed that he has no plans to invest in New York again.

According to The Hill, O’Leary reportedly called New York a “loser state,” and many other businessmen and investors share his sentiment.

Kevin O’Leary Thinks Investors as Victims

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As far as O’Leary is concerned, people in the investment community are victims.

According to him, many in the investment community are wondering who will be next regarding being committed for fraud, believing that none of them have done so.

Kevin O’Leary Says All Investors Have Done What Donald Trump Did

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To defend his statement that investors are the victims, O’Leary added that all investors do the same thing as Trump.

He said that regardless of which country or city you are in, investors often over-evaluate businesses to get better business loans.

Jon Stewart Criticized Kevin O’Leary’s Comments

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Stewart was not very happy with O’Leary’s comments, so he fired at him during an episode of “The Daily Show.”

He compared O’Leary’s comments about Trump’s dubious business practices to how he treats contestants on “Shark Tank.”

Jon Stewart Called Out Kevin O’Leary’s Hypocrisy

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Stewart does not shy away from hypocritical comments made by people in the public eye, and O’Leary’s was no exception.

Stewart even made sure to include statements O’Leary had made regarding Trump, comparing them to comments he made to “Shark Tank” contestants and clearly showing the hypocrisy between the two.

Kevin O’Leary Once Got Annoyed at Shark Tank Entrepreneurs

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O’Leary defended Trump for over-evaluating his net worth and businesses, but these comments are a bit hypocritical.

Newsweek has reported that O’Leary often attacks “Shark Tank” contestants for over-evaluating their businesses. However, he was only too eager to defend Trump for doing the same thing, with Stewart pointing out the hypocrisy of the whole thing.

Kevin O’Leary Believes Trump Committed a Victimless Crime

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O’Leary further defended Trump by saying that his actions were a “victimless crime,” meaning nobody was directly hurt or negatively affected by the things he did.

However, Stewart pointed out on “The Daily Show” that over-evaluations are, in fact, not victimless crimes. He says Trump’s actions have “cost the city of New York.”

Kevin O’Leary Says Crimes Can Become Legal

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In comments made during an interview, O’Leary seemed to imply that if enough people commit a crime, it becomes legal.

Stewart responded to this on “The Daily Show” by saying that what O’Leary said was “entitled arrogance.” He also added that most people will eventually suffer the consequences if they deliberately commit fraud.

Jon Stewart Attacked the Investment Community

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Stewart targeted not only O’Leary but also the rest of the investment community.

In a clip shared on “The Daily Show” YouTube channel, Stewart said investors think they can break whatever rules they want and that “the only immoral practice in the capitalist system is to use that money for people who may need it.” Trump seems to have the same idea, but the law does not want him to get away with it this time. The legal cases he is involved in have shaken his finances, and the former president has been finding ways to keep up, even going as far as selling MAGA-customized bibles to Republicans and any who will buy it.