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Is the Oak Island Treasure Worth More Than the Lagina Brothers’ Net Worth?

Is the Oak Island Treasure Worth More Than the Lagina Brothers’ Net Worth?
Source: Pinterest

Is the Oak Island Treasure Worth More Than the Lagina Brothers’ Net Worth?

Source: Pinterest

A bit of history would clarify what the Lagina brothers are doing on Oak Island. Many have called their activities on the island a wild goose chase. 

However, the filial duo’s activities have so far earned them some notable bucks. There is no public figure for the actual amount the Laginas have made from Oak Island, but we can estimate.

'X' Marks the Spot  

Source: Mystery History/YouTube

Oak Island is a privately owned small island off the coast of Nova Scotia in Canada. It has always been rumored that a stash of treasure that belonged to Captain Kidd was buried there around the 18th century.

Various treasure hunters have launched expeditions to claim the legendary booty of Captain Kidd on the island. However, the Lagina brothers are the most prolific occupants of the historic piece of real estate.

Filming the Journey of Treasure Hunters  

Source: Oak Island/Facebook

The Laginas’ search for treasure on Oak Island became a rave when the History Channel decided to film their treasure hunts. In 2014, the channel started filming the various sophisticated methods the brothers are using to pan for the island’s hidden treasures, calling it the Curse of Oak Island.

The Lagina brothers’ interest in the Oak Island treasure was inspired by a 1965 edition of Reader’s Digest. Rick Lagina stumbled on a piece about the island while reading the digest as an 11-year-old boy.

Making Millions From a Childhood Dream

Source: Curse of Oak/X

Interestingly, the Laginas have not always been treasure hunters or TV sensations all their lives. They were simply responsible adults who kept the light of their childhood dream flickering. 

It is presently estimated that Rick Lagina is worth $2 million, while his junior brother, Marty, is worth between $40 million and $60 million. However, it is interesting to know that their wealth did not all come from Oak Island. On the contrary, the Laginas have been industrious before the big break of the Curse of Oak Island.

Trained to Be a Hunter of Seismic Treasure  

Source: Curse of Oak/X

Marty Lagina is a Science and Mechanical Engineering major who graduated from Michigan Tech in 1977. He also obtained a law degree in 1982 from the prestigious University of Michigan.  

Marty spent the early years of his career working for various oil firms. However, he started his own energy company, Terra Energy Limited, which he later sold for a whopping $60 million.

Investing in a Childhood Dream   

Source: Curse of Oak/X

On the other hand, Rick Legina has always been reclusive, and little is known of his career progress. However, we know he was a diligent man who spent his early years with the US Postal Service.

However, after Rick’s retirement, Marty funded his elder brother’s long-time dream of treasure hunting on Oak Island. So, the duo united to buy a 50% stake in Oak Island Tours Inc.

Bringing Expensive Equipment to Prospect in the Rough

Source: Curse of Oak/X

The Oak Island private property originally belonged to Dan Blakenship, who has been panning for treasures on Oak Island alongside his son Dave as far back as the 1970s. 

The Lagina brothers’ technological advantage on the island is clear. As Marty pointed out during an interview, “It takes more than a shovel.” As the History Channel show reveals, the Legina brothers bring experts and sophisticated equipment to the island for excavations and other search activities.

Showbiz was the Cash Spinner    

Source: Curse of Oak/X

While the cost of the Lagina brothers’ 50% stake in Oak Island Tours Inc. is not public knowledge, one thing the public knows is that The Curse of Oak Island show was a financial success.

Before the show began, remember the brothers were estimated to possess a combined wealth of around $47 million. However, the duo are said to be worth more than $100 million.

Finally, Striking Some Treasure 

Source: Curse of Oak/X

Indeed, the Legina brothers did not find a hypothetical treasure chest on Oak Island. Nonetheless, they found some historical artifacts that will contribute significantly to the history of the island and its Mahone Bay.

So far, some of Oak Island’s most notable finds are a 12th-century manuscript, a Spanish copper coin, a lead cross from the 13th century, and a stone slab from 1804, to mention a few.