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Paul Simon May Never Grace the Stage After Sudden Hearing Loss and Health Struggles 

Paul Simon May Never Grace the Stage After Sudden Hearing Loss and Health Struggles 
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Paul Simon May Never Grace the Stage After Sudden Hearing Loss and Health Struggles 

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He is an older man who was exposed to loud music for the better part of his life. So, some medical experts think Simon’s body is telling him to get his foot off the pedal. 

According to Paul Simon, his sudden loss of hearing in one ear is surprising. Interestingly, many are wondering why this development is surprising the octogenarian.

Bad News During an Interview  

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During an interview with The Times, Simon clarified that his music career may take a new dimension or even end entirely. Simon explained that the first instance of his hearing loss experience was during the recording of his latest album, “Seven Psalms.”

Right after the first instance, Simon probably had specialist consultations about the medical challenge but got no practical remedy.

Expecting Resonance from a Broken Cord  

Paul Simon, in 2012

During an interview with The Times, Simon said of the experience, “Quite suddenly I lost most of the hearing in my left ear, and nobody has an explanation for it. So everything became more difficult.” 

Initially, the maestro waited for the problem to disappear. Simon still expected his body to heal as it used to in his youth. However, it did not, and this experience left him in a state of depression, annoyance, and later anger.

Getting Used to a Forced Retirement 

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For this reason, Simon is very doubtful if he will ever again mount a stage to perform. However, he is starting to accept that the condition will remain with him for the rest of his life.

His is another tale of old habits dying hard. Simon has been on the road for so long that the idea of not going on tours and being unable to perform live still bugs him occasionally.

Always Look for the Silver Lining 

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Interestingly, the multiple Grammy winner says that his retirement is a blessing in disguise. He has previously explained how he sometimes has an identity crisis during his active years of performance.

In one of his interviews, Simon shared how he avoids performing some songs live. He would sometimes become quite self-critical onstage and think himself an underperformer. Simon revealed that this was a crisis he struggled with for years.

The Young Beginnings of a Star  

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Paul Simon has a long list of songs to his credit from his lifelong career of dishing out hits and exploring different genres. At the onset, he started his music career alongside Art Garfunkel.    

Simon and Garfunkel first met at a group performance for their sixth-grade graduation. The duo were both ten years old at the time. Simon and Garfunkel first met during a group performance for their sixth-grade graduation. They were both 10 years old at the time. Simon wrote the duo’s first-ever official song together, The Girl for Me, at 13.

Students Cum Musicians  

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During their high school education at Forest Hills High School, Simon and Garfunkel were signed on to Big Records and were signing under the stage name Tom & Jerry. 

However, the duo attended different colleges, and while pursuing his baccalaureate in English, Simon kept writing and recording songs. Between 1957 and 1964, Simon solely released 30 other songs.

When Opportunity Calls  

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In 1964, Simon and Garfunkel got a golden opportunity to audition for Columbia Records. An executive at the music label signed on to the duo for a single album and changed their stage name to Simon & Garfunkel. 

A year after Simon & Garfunkel’s first album with Columbia Records, Simon went to England, where he mixed with local and international artists. There, he developed an open mind to switching between genres.

Hello, Goodbye

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Simon & Garfunkel eventually split in 1970 due to strains in their relationship. Alone, Paul Simon went ahead to win international acclaim and record award-winning songs. 

According to Simon, the most painful part of his inability to perform live was the fact that he had been looking forward to performing songs from his “Seven Psalms” album. Simon has a sentimental attachment to that album because he claims the inspiration behind it is almost divine.