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Tennessee Pastor Takes the Gospel to the Streets, Feeds Families in Food Deserts

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Pastor Battle Chris
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In a heartfelt decision, Pastor Chris Battle relinquished his role as Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church leader in Knoxville, a historic Black Baptist congregation in Nashville, to combat food insecurity. Venturing into an area plagued by a shortage of nutritious options, Battle endeavors to provide sustenance while spreading the message of compassion at Battlefield Farm, which was established in 2018.

“I’ve always had a passion for gardening,” Battle expressed on “Morning in America.” “We initiated a community garden in a small patch of land at the church.”

Through this endeavor, Battle encountered neighbors and community members, fostering connections previously unknown. It became apparent to Battle that individuals within food deserts were grappling with hunger, prompting his determination to address and eradicate food inequality.

Today, Battle is part of a coalition of churches and volunteers dedicated to alleviating food deserts, boasting five operational community gardens. The farm boasts over 40 raised beds yielding abundant produce, complemented by a high tunnel, numerous chickens, and even a colony of bees playfully dubbed the “Cardi Bees.”

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“We aim to eradicate this issue because it’s directly impacting our community members who lack access to fresh produce,” Battle emphasized.

Moreover, Battle ensures religious worship persists at the farm, extending invitations to all interested individuals. His overarching objective is to share the love of God with the community while providing access to wholesome food.

Battle acknowledges the steady decline in church attendance over the past few decades, advocating for a paradigm shift in approach. While he maintains faith in the sanctity of traditional church gatherings, Battle recognizes the need for innovative strategies.

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“Attendance at traditional church services has waned over the years,” Battle acknowledged. “Thus, we must adapt and reimagine the concept of church.”

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Embracing change, Battle endeavors to bring the essence of the church directly to the people. He asserts that catalyzing transformations within communities serves as a potent catalyst for societal progress.

“Despite numerous congregations, tangible change remains elusive. It’s imperative that we redefine our success metrics and adopt novel strategies to truly impact and transform communities,” Battle asserted.

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In his journey from the pulpit to the fields, Pastor Chris Battle exemplifies unwavering dedication to addressing societal inequities while imparting spiritual solace. Through Battlefield Farm, he nourishes bodies and nurtures souls, embodying the essence of compassion and community empowerment.

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