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114-Year-Old Texas Woman Becomes Oldest Living American

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Source: Click2Houston

Elizabeth Francis, a 114-year-old Houston resident, has recently been recognized as the oldest living person in the United States, as reported by LongeviQuest, an organization specializing in tracking human longevity globally. Following the passing of the previous oldest living American, Edie Ceccarelli, at the age of 116 on February 22 in California, Francis now holds the title at 114 years and 217 days old.

This accolade also places her as the fifth-oldest individual globally, per the same organization, adding her to the prestigious list of supercentenarians, individuals aged 110 and above, validated by the Gerontology Research Group.

In an interview with in August 2023, Francis attributed her remarkable longevity to a higher power, stating, “It’s not my secret. It’s the good Lord’s good blessing,” Francis said in an interview in August 2023. “I just thank God I’m here.”

Born on July 25, 1909, mere months after William Taft’s presidential inauguration and 11 years before women were granted suffrage in the U.S., Francis has witnessed the passage of two World Wars, the Spanish Flu pandemic and the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Currently residing in Houston with her 94-year-old daughter, Dorothy Williams, Francis receives daily care from caregivers in their private residence, as disclosed by her granddaughter, Ethel Harrison.

Expressing gratitude for her grandmother’s continued presence, Harrison emphasized the family’s fortune in keeping Francis and her mother, Dorothy, alive. Notably, longevity appears to run in Francis’ family, with one of her sisters reaching the age of 106 and her father passing away at 99 years old, Harrison noted.

Despite experiencing some memory impairment and being bedridden, Francis remains mentally sharp and recognizes her loved ones, Harrison affirmed. Encouraging others with her wisdom, Francis shared.

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“It’s just amazing,” Harrison, 68, said. “We’re so grateful that she’s still here, and my mom, who’s her daughter — she only had one child — is still alive also.”

Additionally, Harrison revealed some of Francis’ healthy lifestyle habits, including maintaining social connections, consuming fresh, home-cooked meals, and upholding faith. “She tried to do things to stay healthy,” Harrison said. “Her life was pretty simple. She didn’t go out to parties and stuff like that. She was more of a homebody. She would go to church.”

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Francis’ granddaughter added that her grandmother never smoked or drank alcohol, and she regularly walked until her early 90s.

Describing her grandmother as a homebody who prioritized church over social gatherings, Harrison emphasized Francis’ abstinence from smoking and alcohol, as well as her dedication to regular walks until her early 90s.

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