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Workers at Unmarked Arizona Building Refuse to Answer Questions About Housing Migrants

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Fox News Campos-Duffy the host of "Fox & Friends Weekend
Source: Zachary Alan Betts/YouTube

An investigation by Campos-Duffy has revealed that an unmarked building in Tucson, Arizona, is secretly accommodating illegal migrants who have crossed the border. Fox News Campos-Duffy, the host of “Fox & Friends Weekend,” was pushed to investigate Casa Alitas following a tip-off. She posted a video on X, formerly known as Twitter, on Monday, which lasted nearly 2 minutes. 

In the video, she and her camera crew entered a hotel managed by a group known as Casa Alitas, where migrants were said to be staying. “What you’re seeing is an unmarked building. All signage is removed,” Campos-Duffy explained. “That’s the first sign you know that this is an NGO, a non-government organization. In this case, Casa Alitas, who is housing illegal immigrants.”

When Campos-Duffy asked if she could get a room, the woman at the hotel counter told her to leave, saying it was private property. Campos-Duffy wanted to enquire more, but the woman called security to escort her out without answering any questions. 

“Is this where illegals are being housed with government funding?” Campos-Duffy asked as an elderly security guard came out to escort her. But the woman insisted that the Fox News crew leave the property. She also warned them that she would call the police if they didn’t comply. “Please call them,” Campos-Duffy responded.

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Another young woman came out and told the crew to leave. She tried to hide her name tag after Campos-Duffy identified the “Casa Alitas” shelter on her badge. “Is this an NGO paid for by government money,” Campos-Duffy said. But the woman refused to answer. 

“Why so much secrecy? That’s what the American people want to understand. Why?” Campos-Duffy pressed her. But again, the employee refused to respond. Instead, she kept repeating, “You guys cannot come into our shelter.”

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Casa Alitas’ website describes itself as offering “shelter, necessities, and travel assistance to asylum-seeking families. Our guests arrive for a short stay after their release from Border Patrol and ICE detention.”

After getting kicked out of the Tucson hotel, Campos-Duffy told The Federalist, “They were super secretive.” “These NGOs, as far as I’m concerned, are an arm of the Democratic Party,” said Campos-Duffy. “The Democrats are getting more illegals, which they hope to turn into voters. The NGOs are making money, and the small businesses like these hotels are making money.”

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The report is part of an investigation by Fox News into places used to house illegal immigrants all over the country. According to information from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, most illegal border crossings are happening in Arizona and California. These migrants are moving away from Texas counties.

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This is because Texas has tightened security on its side of the border. Mexico has also stepped up enforcement against migrants arriving in the Mexican state of Coahuila. As a result, the Tucson Sector has been hit hard by a recent surge of migrants crossing the border. It set a new record when officials encountered over 17,500 migrants in just one week.

Campos-Duffy believes the government has a role to play in this. She explained to The Federalist that the government uses NGOs to avoid scrutiny when dealing with the influx of migrants crossing the border. “Our government either can’t handle all the people coming through,” Campos-Duffy said, “Or it could be that we just don’t want to because that would require more oversight from Congress.”

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