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Critics Slam Mike Johnson’s Call for Prioritizing Border Crisis Over Ukraine Aid, Say It’s a “Fool’s Choice”

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Critics Slam Mike Johnson’s Call for Prioritizing Border Crisis Over Ukraine Aid, Say It's a “Fool’s Choice”
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Over the past few months, the Ukraine aid has been going back and forth in the House. However, many Republicans led by Speaker Mike Johnson do not see this as urgent. In fact, they are prioritizing the current migration crisis in the country over passing Ukraine’s much-needed aid. 

While this might not sound so bad on paper, the implications may be severe. First, the U.S. migration crisis is not something the government can fix in a short time. The increased influx started years ago, and no amount of legislation will stop it immediately. 

On the other hand, Ukraine needs all the help it can get from the U.S. to defend itself from Russia. As their defenses weaken, President Putin gets stronger every day. However, many Republicans do not seem to see the urgency of this situation. 

Instead, they are majorly following Donald Trump’s stance. After he openly said that Putin “can do whatever the hell they want” to Ukraine, many other Republicans like Mike Johnson followed suit. However, this should not be the case. As a member of NATO, the country has a duty to Ukraine. 

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The speaker should also not be a sort of “puppet” for a past president. According to critics, the oath of office for Congress shows why this political standoff is based on a fool’s choice. It states that members “solemnly swear (or affirm) …to… support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” 

While Ukraine struggles to fight with Russia, the U.S. has obligations as a member of NATO. Furthermore, the oath mentioned both foreign and domestic enemies for a reason. The coming events will be disastrous if the country does not pass the Ukraine aid. 

Ukraine may be forced to surrender to Russia or attack with their last bit of offense. If they hit them successfully, Russia may resort to the use of nuclear weapons. This might inevitably lead to another world war if other countries in NATO respond. 

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Furthermore, prioritizing the migration crisis, where fewer lives are at stake, is counterproductive. The House has already dismissed the aid before, making headlines and causing worry. Some speculate that they do not want to pass it simply because it’s accompanied by the Israel bill, too. 

Regardless of the conditions, the Ukraine bill is urgent and should take more priority now. Instead of it being an option between both, lawmakers should prioritize tackling both problems simultaneously. 

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While the migration crisis can use more effort and resources, it will require months or even years to alleviate it completely. Therefore, why not focus more on Ukraine’s aid while making significant changes to the migration laws? 

In addition, the U.S. government has a constitutional duty to its allies in NATO. If they cannot uphold their commitments to ‘friends’ of the nation, they lose support and credibility among others. Therefore, finding countries to help the country if needed might be a hassle. 

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