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Republicans Regret Ousting Kevin McCarthy, Struggle Under Mike Johnson

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Mugshots of Johnson and McCarthy backing each other
Source: Semaphore-1842/Reddit

What is that saying again about not valuing a thing until it gets lost? That is the exact scenario in which GOP House members find themselves at the moment. 

Since Mike Johnson assumed leadership of the House Republicans, the GOPs have compared his performance on several points to those of Kevin McCarthy, the ousted House leader. What they find in the present leadership is a truckload of inexperience. Unfortunately, McCarthy’s deficiencies are costing GOP House members the ability to float and pass bills successfully. 

Four months ago, the House of Representatives made history by successfully moving to vacate the Office of the Speaker. That would be the first time in US history that a ‘motion to vacate’ would successfully pass in the House, and McCarthy was the victim. 

A motion to vacate basically implies that the seat of the Speaker has been declared vacant and the seating Speaker fired. Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FA) initiated the motion, and it was backed by all Democratic representatives and eight other Republicans. The motion scaled through on a 216-210 vote.

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For those wondering why Gaetz moved a motion to fire the then Speaker, a fellow GOP, it is a matter of principles. Gaetz did not like McCarthy’s leadership style and was displeased with his many instances of mingling with the Biden administration.

Of course, McCarthy was only ousted as Speaker; he reverted to being a floor member in the House. However, McCarthy announced his resignation on December 6, with the assurance that he would leave the Congress officially by the year’s end. 

Unfortunately, GOP House members have not found the journey easy since McCarthy’s ousting. Right after his removal, the following weeks saw the House experiencing a lot of rowdiness, debate, and dysfunction. However, the House eventually conducted fresh elections, and Rep. Mike Johnson emerged as the new Speaker. 

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While it was a massive promotion for Johnson, who had only spent seven years in Congress at the time, it was a major drawback for the entire House. Johnson’s experience was very lean, so lean that it affected the running of the lower chamber. 

Observers are not slack in pointing out the many lapses of Johnson’s inexperience. Under his leadership, GOP House members ousted a fellow Republican. By December last year, the GOPs eventually lost the seat to the Democrats. Thanks to that ouster, the Libra has tipped a bit more in the direction of Democrats, with GOPs having a measly 2-vote majority. 

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The narrow vote margin has made Johnson’s job as House leader very difficult. So far, Johnson has been unable to pass some six rule votes. Observers have called out Johnson’s unyielding style of leadership. When driving for a goal, he wants it all or nothing. Many believe this stance is partly thanks to Trump’s influence on the new House Speaker. 

Most people agree that McCarthy wouldn’t have found Johnson’s current challenges any easier if he was still the Speaker. However, GOP House members feel McCarthy would have been more Diplomatic in navigating the issues. 

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