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Whoopi Goldberg Blamed Herself for the Demise of her Three Marriages: ‘It Wasn’t For Me’

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Whoopi Goldberg has an impressively padded resume after her years of contributions to the entertainment world. She is also a great-grandmother, a grandmother, and a mother who chose to live as a single woman after three failed marriages because “It wasn’t for” her.

Whoopi Golberg’s name commands respect owing to what she portrays. She is an African-American who has attained tremendous success in her field, with several awards to show for it.

Her successes cut across Broadway, TV shows, movies, and activism. As an actress and producer, she knows her onions and can transition into different roles while bringing life to the character.

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When it comes to co-starring on the daytime talk show “The View,” she is distinguished for her liberal views. While loved on TV, the co-anchor is also the favorite matriarch in the family, adored by her daughter, grandkids, and a great-grandchild.


Although she sounds like the perfect 66-year-old living a life of no worries and surrounding herself with as much love as possible, the seasoned actress once experienced three failed marriages.

Her first marriage was to Alvin Martin in 1973, and it lasted for six years, producing their only child, Alexandrea Martin. It took only a few years before Goldberg said “I do” to cinematographer David Claessen. The duo divorced two years later, in 1988, and by 1994, Golberg became wife to Lyle Trachtenberg. The third union was the shortest, ending before the ink dried up from the marriage document. 


It took Goldberg three attempts to accept that life as a married woman would not work. She never envisioned herself sharing her privacy and other interesting details with another human — a husband.

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Before this realization, the actress tried to conform to society’s expectations of a grown woman(to be in a romance and get married). As she attempted to, it failed.

After the third time, the “The View” co-host gave up on playing the societal role. She educated herself on not giving in to the pressures and running life at her pace, and that was when Goldberg concluded that she was not destined for marriage.


The producer who authored the book “If Someone Says, “You Complete Me,” Run!” has been confident of her choice to remain single because it pleased her. In 2016, she declared being happy alone, adding that there are no plans to change it.

Goldberg claimed her routines were flexible, as she could spend time with anybody and that having no company in her home was refreshing.

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Concerning her marital life, Golberg has been nothing but truthful. Despite claims that sharing vows were against her wishes, she admitted that things ended rather quickly because of her.

The TV star took responsibility for being selfish and leading the men on, while she did not feel butterflies like they did. In her words:

“My marriage failed and I was the common denominator. My commitment was never that strong. I can say now that I was never really in love.”


The “The View” star confirmed that she loves men but is unwilling to bond with a stone or her role as a wife. While Goldberg never thinks of marriage, she has dated a few famous faces, including Timothy Dalton from a James Bond film and Ted Danson.

Despite opinions about marriages, the actress advises her listeners to be “upfront” when entering a life-changing relationship. 

In her books, she recounted how her mother asked her to leave one of her fiancè’s at the altar because she did not love him. Instead, Goldberg married the unnamed man because of their wedding guest list.

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