Monday, June 24, 2024
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Anti-Capitalist Protesters Storm Tesla Factory

A picture of Tesla factory
Source: Pinterest

Anti-Capitalist Protesters Storm Tesla Factory

Source: Pinterest

The latest protests at one Tesla facility may signify further difficulties for the company, which has been experiencing some difficulties lately.

A large number of activists gathered outside the factory to protest Tesla’s plans to expand. Some even got into physical altercations with police while attempting to break into the facility.

Expansion and Growth

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Tesla intends to raise production by up to one million vehicles annually and extend the site by a huge space to fulfill the high demand for electric cars and compete with competitors producing the same vehicles but not producing combustion engine vehicles.

The factory currently has about 12,000 workers and covers about 300 hectares. It creates Tesla’s primary model for the European market, the Model Y sports utility vehicle.

Officers Observed the Protest

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The demonstrators held anti-Tesla and anti-capitalist placards while being closely observed by a large police presence. The protest’s organizers estimate that about 2,000 participants participated.

In addition to making multiple arrests, police stopped campaigners from entering the facility. The protest started with some protests and got into physical altercations, but things soon subsided.

Protesters Were Disrupting Activities

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According to police, protesters sat on the lines, disrupting train operations and blocking a nearby motorway. A sit-in also took place on a rural road close to the plant.

Social media footage shows hundreds of people sprinting towards the location in an attempt to obtain entrance, many of them wearing blue caps and brandishing blue flags.

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Decline in Stock Price

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A once-new and inventive startup that seems to add extra noise to electric vehicles has recently encountered financial difficulties. The stock price decreases, which is a significant disadvantage for Tesla.

In January 2024, the price of Tesla’s shares fell by 12%. Many people think this decline was caused in part by Elon Musk’s demands for extensive control over the company’s operations, particularly its use of artificial intelligence.

Activists Against the Factory Expansion

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Gruenheide factory opened in 2022 after a two-year approval and building procedure beset by administrative and legal roadblocks. Since then, activists have been opposing proposals to expand the factory.

The latest round of protests has been ongoing and consists of a coalition of activist organizations, such as Extinction Rebellion, and additional local groups.

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The Expansion Will Cause Harm to the Surroundings

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In a post on X, CEO Elon Musk stated that protestors could not cross the barrier. The plant is still surrounded by two fence lines that are still in place. According to Disrupt, the purpose of the expansion was to damage the environment by increasing the production capacity of the Tesla factory.

According to the protesters, the development would put additional strain on the local water supply and necessitate destroying large areas of the nearby forest. 

The Factory Shuts Down During the Protest

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As stated earlier, large groups of people assembled outside the factory to demonstrate against the proposed expansion, and Tesla closed its doors to all workers. According to a Tesla representative, the plant’s production lines were scheduled to halt in January 2024.

However, the manufacturer of electric vehicles urges all employees to stay off work during the objection and disapproval of the expansion to ensure safety.  

Tesla Might Face Bankruptcy

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Given the stock price decline, a stock market bear has also forecast that if Musk sticks to his present Tesla business plan, the company may soon face bankruptcy.

Despite formerly being at the top of the electric vehicle industry, Tesla is currently facing increasing competition from automakers. Instead of using Tesla for their electronic vehicles, individuals opt to use alternative manufacturers since they provide a greater range of models.

Loss of Jobs

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Thousands of workers lost their employment between 2023 and 2024, and it is predicted that some other set of employees might also lose their jobs, which makes this a concern for workers. 

Prospective interns at Tesla are also included in this. They received emails from Tesla regarding their flights and the location of their internship. A few hours later, they received word that their internship offers were withdrawn.

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Factory Construction

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Musk is constructing a brand-new Tesla factory in Germany, which is expected to create jobs and boost the local economy despite Tesla’s financial difficulties.

To express their genuine disapproval of the situation, a large number of protestors chose to storm the site of the proposed Tesla factory. These protests are upset about the factory’s location.

Reoccurring Protests

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Protests against the Tesla factory have happened before. They started in early 2024 and continued until now. Since February, there have been protests, and in March, there was a possible arson attempt close to the plant, which caused operations to stop.

The factory’s electricity was cut off due to an attack on certain power lines, and fixing the damage was predicted to cost $1 billion.

Arresting Protesters

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Tesla’s founder and owner, Elon Musk, is understandably irritated by the demonstrations at one of his plants and wants something to be done about them. 

In response to a user on X who had shared pictures of the demonstrations and explained what had transpired, Musk demanded that they be imprisoned for breaking and expressed confusion as to why this hadn’t already occurred.

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