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American Things Foreigners Just Don’t Get

American Things Foreigners Just Don’t Get
Source: Pinterest

American Things Foreigners Just Don’t Get

Source: Pinterest

The USA is probably one of the world’s greatest-known nations. It will be difficult to locate a person who is unaware of the mighty United States of America.

Many people living overseas have very specific perceptions of US citizens. However, there are numerous cultural peculiarities that foreigners cannot understand. These are eleven distinctly American characteristics that nobody else in the world truly gets.


They Adore Large Coffees

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Purchasing a “café” at a coffeehouse in countries such as France, Italy, or Spain entails receiving an adorable tiny container containing roughly five tiny shots of potent coffee.

However, just a little coffee isn’t very small in the United States. Compared to people in different countries, they prefer their coffee to be strong and large.

In Essence, Pharmacies Are Groceries

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Tourists are often taken aback to discover that drug stores are essentially miniature grocery shops. They offer a wide range of products, including makeup, gift bags, refreshments, and prescription medications.

Although the US is well-known for its enormous retail chains, such as Walmart and Costco, pharmacies in different nations strictly sell drugs.

Finding a US Citizen Sitting on the Sofa With Shoes Is Not Unusual

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Although a few Europeans might put on footwear within the house, this is a rather uncommon practice and is practically forbidden in the majority of Asian nations. It is not exactly unlawful, but it is definitely unacceptable.

However, many Americans consider wearing sneakers indoors to be perfectly acceptable. They may even wear them when lounging on the sofa.

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Having Morning Meals: More Sugar, Please

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Another characteristic of Americanisms is the tendency of red, white, and blue state residents to prefer sweetened brunches to people from other countries. Egg toast and pork soup are famous breakfast options in Colombia.

Rice porridge and boiled eggs are very common morning dishes in Thailand. Rye bread with sausage, cold cuts, and mozzarella is the traditional Danish fare. However, massive piles of syrup-covered chocolate chip pancakes, cakes, French toast with fruity syrups and cream whipped over it, and all things incredibly sweet are America’s most popular breakfast dishes.

They Rarely use Public Transit

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Public transportation exists in the United States; however, its availability is mainly restricted to towns and their environs.

Foreigners just cannot comprehend that many Americans drive themselves to their workplaces, the market, and all other places they’re supposed to go on occasion because they do not have the luxury of public transportation.

The Service Sector Is Extremely Excessive

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There are waitresses in eateries everywhere. In contrast, things are very different in the US. Although most foreigners find American servers to be overly intrusive, they feel that by engaging in casual conversation, asking lots of questions, and bringing additional dressings or serviettes, they are providing excellent service.

American servers do all of this for tipping of at least 20%. However, in other nations, people usually leave with just 10%. They do this so their servers are not compelled to provide such extravagant service.

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Their Soft Drink Consumption Differs from Others

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After you request a refreshing beverage overseas, the waiter typically sends you an empty bottle that only fits a few ice chunks.

On the other hand, if you order a carbonated beverage in the United States, you often get a fountain beverage served in a glass filled to the rim alongside ice and unlimited refilling. Most non-Americans find it odd that someone would desire that much soda.

Why Do They Love Their Flag With Such Passion?

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An additional oddity about Americans is that they appear to be slightly fixated on their flag. Americans enjoy showing off their country’s flag, whether it is on t-shirts or displayed outdoors where they live.

Most countries’ flags are far less likely to be flown by their citizens except on national holidays or during exceptional events such as the Olympics.

America's Absurd Meal Size

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Folks from other countries often joke that the typical American serving size could satisfy two or more people. It’s safe to conclude that American restaurants do enjoy serving enormous amounts, even though this isn’t the case for all restaurant chains.

They naturally charge extra for those dishes, figuring that clients will take some with them to eat afterward.

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Hours of Driving

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It requires roughly seven hours to travel across the southernmost region of England to the highest top and only fifteen hours to drive from one side of Spain to the other. For this reason, many tourists find it astounding that driving throughout Texas takes fifteen hours.

The fact that Americans don’t appear to bother driving for many hours each day is equally remarkable. In Europe, people never take road trips of ten hours or less.

It's Difficult to Understand How Much They Pay for Healthcare

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Finally, American medical care represents one of the most perplexing situations for foreigners living abroad. Seventy-two of the 195 nations on the planet have health coverage for all, and most are regarded as the most developed.

The most shocking point on this list, therefore, is that the United States, a very wealthy and powerful country in the world, requires its citizens to make payments for their medical care.

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