Tuesday, June 18, 2024
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Rep. Eric Swalwell Calls for Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Resignation After Move to Oust Mike Johnson

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Shortly after Rep. Marjorie Taylor’s statement that she would call for the impeachment of House Speaker Mike Johnson, Representative Eric Swalwell demanded she resign.

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene plans to file a motion to remove Speaker Mike Johnson from office. The House will be forced to cast a vote on his removal within the next two days if her move to vacate gains life. 

Greene accused Johnson of collaborating with Democrats on both sides and leaving what she classifies as Republican values. She is even willing to cause an intra-party conflict just to punish him.

Swalwell believes that Greene has lost all credibility and has asked for her to resign. The California congressman said that competence and community beat chaos and corruption. His statement probably implies that Greene prefers obstruction and disruption, which have allowed her to raise significant funds for collaboration and problem-solving.

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Republican Representative Thomas Massie is backing the motion to impeach Johnson. The two have criticized Mr. Johnson for depending too much on Democrats and for agreeing to cooperate with them to pass some acts, such as the additional foreign aid laws for Taiwan, Israel, and Ukraine.

However, it looks like Johnson may have the support of Democrats to ensure his position as speaker. Knowing this, it is safe to say impeachment is doomed. 

The hand-picked co-chair of the Republican National Committee, Michael Whatley, has allegedly asked Greene to step back from her attack mode, but she did not budge. 

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When asked if she was worried about losing votes to Democrats by supporting Johnson, a Trump loyalist, he replied that he had promised to work with anyone who would help take the country further.

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Some Republicans want Mr. Johnson to stop supporting granting Ukraine aid and Special Counsel Jack Smith’s investigation into Donald Trump to be stopped. 

Smith is looking into the Capitol attack of January 6th and issues surrounding delicate information. These requests are mostly symbolic because the probability of President Joe Biden and the Senate denying them is very high.

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Greene claims that Democrats are ready to vote in favor of Johnson retaining his speakership. She also claims they support him because of what he’s delivered for them and their agenda.

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This comes shortly after Congressman Matt Gaetz’s very questionable but successful effort to remove the former Speaker of the House, Kevin McCarthy. After the removal, Mr. Johnson was elected.

Gaetz clamored for Mr. McCarthy’s removal because he agreed with Democrats to pass a vote keeping the government in operation.

With the impeachment and resignation talks in the House, we can only imagine what the future holds.

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