Thursday, July 25, 2024
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Trump Struggles With Pronouncing “Infrastructure” While Criticizing Biden

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A picture of Biden and Trump.
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Although this wouldn’t be Trump’s first public blunder, example is the infamous “covfefe” episode in 2017. Trump’s recent blunders at his campaign speech in Wisconsin has gotten reactions from us.

Trump was throwing verbal punches at President Joe Biden’s $1. 2 trillion infrastructure plan when he unwittingly made the mistake. Trump’s speech went wrong when he tried saying ‘infrastructure’ which sounded quite a lot like “in-fra-strick-sher-park. “

The social networks were all at Trump’s error, which happened deliberately on camera. The amusing side of their communication seemed to be that some people laughed at how he could not pronounce a four-syllable word, while this situation was inexplicably annoying to the others. 

Several of us have made comments, memes, or maybe even just retweeted. A very good reaction comes from Alain Leibman on Twitter. He tweeted that

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“This might explain why OrangeJesus kept promising infrastructure week while he was president, but never delivered a single bill or executive action that encouraged the building or repair of infrastructure.”

Aiming beyond Trump’s level of criticism of Biden’s infrastructure program is an address, but not to the point. While his screw-up of “infrastructure” was probably humorous to a few of us, his rally being attended by his backers looked encouraging. 

So it is no surprise that while some of us were laughing, some people had overlooked the error and taken the lesson. Supporters of Trump have begun criticizing Biden and his policy, complaining about the excessive spending and clamoring for its regulation.

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President Joseph Biden’s program for 2022 is a great and daring one.  It aims at augmenting and rebuilding our infrastructure. Through his plan he is addressing the economic recovery problems and the environmental issues facing the US. These may include making use of infrastructure, promoting green energy investments, and collaborating in transportation network improvements. 

As the election date nears, so do the drama and headlines. Regardless, we are at a delicate time in the country where, as voters, we must once again must decide who the best option is to ensure our country’s continuous prosperity. 

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Trump’s problem saying, the word “infrastructures” highlights the problem faced by public speakers. Sometimes, we are rocked by stage fright or simply lose our train of thought. Speaking is important, whether it is during speeches or just regular conversations. You must ensure that whenever you are speaking, you stay calm and collected.

Trump’s mispronunciations are still a part of his legacy in American politics. They either make us laugh or fill our brains with nonsense questions. When it comes to “infrastructure,” I wish our next leaders would be able to spot the word and say it with me. 

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