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NY Firefighters Spark Backlash Over “Fascist” US Flag

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NEW YORK CITY (TND) The New York City Fire Department (FDNY) has restored the local agency’s “Red Line” American flag after its forced removal sparked backlash, the New York Post reported.

This is a black and white American flag with red stripes and was intended to honor the six members of FDNY Ladder Company 11 who died on September 11. It was displayed on the company’s truck.

According to the New York Post, a man who claimed to work for City Councilwoman Carlina Rivera, D-2nd Ward, first confronted firefighters about the flag on March 22, saying it was “fascist.”

He claimed that it symbolizes officials from Councilman Rivera’s office and then reportedly emailed the FDNY to report a “constituent” who had repeatedly complained about the flag.

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[FDNY officials] argued that [the flag] was meant to honor fallen firefighters, but [voters] also argued that they could have used the FDNY flag in place of a political symbol. The employee reportedly wrote: According to the New York Post, the employee also asked whether such “private political symbols” were allowed by the FDNY.

FDNY Deputy Chief Joseph Cirali then reportedly visited Ladder Company 11 and said the flag had to be removed because 2020 regulations prohibit displaying altered American flags.

It is said that news of the decision sparked widespread outrage online, prompting FDNY Secretary Laura Kavanaugh and  Department Director John Hodgens to reverse the decision.

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City Councilmember Joanne Arriola (R-32nd District), chair of the Fire and Emergency Management Committee, praised the move. “I want to thank @FDNY Secretary John Hodgens for taking a bold stand last week and ordering the Thin Red Line flag back to Ladder 11,” Councilman Arriola wrote.

We live in a time of increasing political pressure to adhere to particular ideologies, ideologies designed to censor and shame anyone or anything who dares to oppose their positions.

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Secretary Hodgens showed great personal courage by defying the will of some vocal radicals and restoring this flag while political forces were against him.

FDNY The National Desk (TND) did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Flag to honor first responders continues to be the subject of political debate. A federal court ruled in November that a Pennsylvania city ordinance banning the display of pale blue flags in communities is unconstitutional.

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