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Report Says Lauren Boebert Was Cut Off from Drinking More Alcohol at GOP Gala

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Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert.
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Rep. Lauren Boebert was stopped from consuming more alcohol at a GOP gala. The congresswoman has been embroiled in political and private controversies. Boebert has been endorsed by Donald Trump. 

She attended the New York Young Republican Club’s annual gala, where the staff cut her off from being served extra alcohol. The Colorado Congresswoman sat at the same table as the event headliner, Donald Trump.

Her frequent attempts at snapping selfies with him brought about his protection detail to ask her to stop. Regardless of the awkward interaction, Trump endorsed Boebert last month.

“Congresswoman Lauren Boebert is a Proven Conservative and Effective Leader who delivers for Colorado, and our America First agenda,” he wrote on Truth Social.

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Capitalizing on this support, Lauren ran a campaign advertisement based on this. The divisive Colorado congresswoman has been embroiled in political and personal controversies as she gears up for her reelection campaign.

The December incident came simply three months after she apologized for her disruptive conduct at a Beetlejuice performance in Denver. Surveillance pictures also seemed to show Boebert being fondled by her date earlier than the two were kicked out.

Boebert, 37, was escorted out of a theater in September for disrupting fellow purchasers by using her phone, vaping, and singing loudly. She was booted from the venue alongside her male companion.

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“People were freaking out about me dancing in the seat at ‘Beetlejuice,'” Boebert said at the time. “Well, they should see me in church.”

Recent activities in her personal life that have made headlines include the arrest of her son Tyler Boebert, the double arrest of her ex-husband, and her divorce. Boebert stays determined to prove her real worth as a serious legislator while retaining her identity as a MAGA warrior.

A few Republican colleagues have come to her defense, insisting that her reputation has not interfered with her political career. “It hasn’t encumbered her job performance,” GOP Rep. Byron Donalds of Florida said to CNN.

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However, Boebert has feuded with fellow Republicans, including Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene. She has also been accused of “carpetbagging” as she switches districts and seeks election in a brand new seat in rural Colorado. 

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She switched to Colorado’s 4th district in December after the narrow victory in 2022. This was when Boebert won the third congressional district, beating Democrat Adam Frisch by simply 546 votes.

The Republican seeking to replace her has been scathing of Boebert. She “makes George Santos appear like a saint,” said former Rep. Ken Buck.  To triumph over the negative headlines, Boebert is leaning on her record as a conservative congresswoman. 

She is citing achievements along with the Pueblo Jobs Act, her energetic participation in district forums, and the backing from Trump.

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