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Colorado Democrats Push Gun Control Laws Flying Under the Radar

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Source: Reddit

Democrats in Colorado are pushing a series of gun control bills that mirror the policies of liberal states like California but have been largely ignored by the media, Second Amendment experts say.

Democratic states are pushing a gun control campaign this year, including a bill banning so-called assault weapons, commonly understood as semi-automatic rifles, such as the AR-15; enacting an 11 percent tax on gun and ammunition sales; and increasing standards for concealed handgun training courses.

In March, the state`s House Judiciary Committee advanced a bill to ban “assault weapons,” sending the bill to the full House, where it is expected to receive support from a majority of Democrats. Regarding legislation introduced this year, Flanell opposed the state’s decision to ban semi-automatic guns.

They want to ban not only all scary guns like ARs and AKs but also 80-90% of today’s popular semi-automatic guns, including pistols and shotguns. Flanell told Fox News Digital that Colorado’s moves to ban weapons like the AR-15 would make women especially vulnerable to crime.

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After seven years of training women, it’s clear that ‘Women like AR-15 to protect their homes, their families, and themselves, Okafor, a survivor of sexual assault, told Fox News Digital.

Hernandez said after the bill passed the committee: “Some Democrats who support a ban on assault weapons and are fed up with weapons of war in our communities have vetoed 30 gun control bills, including one that would have required importing, selling, manufacturing, purchasing, or transferring so-called assault shooting weapons as a misdemeanor, and another bill prohibits the use of firearms on college campuses and in university buildings.

POLL—Do You Support Stricter Gun Control Laws and Assault Weapon Bans?

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A bill to ban assault weapons, combined with a bill to assess the sale of guns and ammunition at an 11 percent tax, a bill to prohibit legal gun owners from carrying weapons in areas identified as sensitive, such as university campuses, parks, and places of worship, like the law enacted in California.

Gavin Newsom also signed into law an 11% state tax on guns and ammunition last year, as well as another bill that would prevent gun owners from transporting them into the areas described.

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Washington State also recently launched a gun control blitz, with the governor signing a bill banning assault weapons, establishing a 10-day waiting period for gun purchases, and requiring manufacturers and gun dealers to take “reasonable steps” to keep guns away from “dangerous individuals.

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She argued that a bill that would impose an 11% tax on gun owners on firearms and ammunition purchases would have a dramatic impact on low-income Americans who want to protect themselves.

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