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HomeNewsDaily Wire CEO Slams Candace Owens for Antisemitic “Christ Is King” Tweet

Daily Wire CEO Slams Candace Owens for Antisemitic “Christ Is King” Tweet

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Candace Owens
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Candace Owens, formerly associated with The Daily Wire, finds herself amidst controversy as her ex-employer, Jeremy Boreing, The Daily Wire’s CEO, speaks about the reasons behind Owens’ departure. As Boreing had claimed, the trigger stems from Owens’ use of the phrase “Christ is King,” which Boreing, who is of Jewish descent, deemed anti-Semitic.

The specifics surrounding Owens’ exit from The Daily Wire remain very clouded. However, her departure comes on the heels of online harassment orchestrated by two rabbis who had falsely accused Owens of harboring some anti-Semitic sentiments. Mediaite’s reportage delves into The Daily Wire’s accusation against Owens, likening her to Satan for “quoting Scripture.”

Upon confirmation of her departure by Boreing, Owens expressed her newfound freedom on social media. She teased forthcoming announcements, hinting at future endeavors. Jason Whitlock, a sports commentator and podcaster, joined the discourse, echoing the perplexity surrounding the “Christ is King” controversy.

In a genuine inquiry, Whitlock questioned the anti-Semitic connotations of the phrase, prompting Boreing to offer a detailed explanation via social media.

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Boreing’s response likened the usage of “Christ is King” to a shovel used as a murder weapon, which, to him, emphasized the contextual significance of language. He elucidated that while the phrase itself may not be inherently anti-Semitic, its use to propagate anti-Semitic sentiments renders it so. Drawing parallels, Boreing illustrated how innocent phrases may be weaponized to assume derogatory connotations.

Addressing the historical context, Boreing firmly stated that the anti-Semitic undertones of “Christ is King” have persisted over time. He emphasized the gravity of using religious rhetoric to propagate hatred, citing biblical principles against misusing the name of God.

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While “Christ is king” was co-opted years ago by white nationalist Nick Fuentes and his Groyper movement, who employ it as an antisemitic dog whistle, this usage only broke into mainstream discourse last week amid Owens’s bitter public split with Ben Shapiro’s The Daily Wire over her increasing promotion of antisemitic conspiracy theories. The website, which hired Owens in 2020, apparently had no objection to her speaking of Black people the way she does for their largely white audience.

On the surface, this falling-out suggests that some prominent conservatives have an uncrossable line when it comes to hate speech, at least against Jews. But the tsunami of support for Owens, the platforming of antisemitism by other mainstream conservatives, and the ostentatious praise of Christianity by white nationalists and incel types reveal quite the opposite: Right-wing influencers are actually breaking ranks with Jews amid a growing rift about what it means to be white—and who gets to claim that badge.

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When “Christ is king” began trending on X late last month, some conservative Christians expressed wariness over the phrase’s weaponization even as they recognized it as a core belief of their religion. But they were the minority.

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