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Lauren Boebert Throws In the Towel Opts Out of Special Election in New Congressional District

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Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert.
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Rep. Ken Buck (R-CO) announced he’s moving his retirement up. This development might pose challenges for Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO). However, Boebert’s plans have not changed.

Rep. Ken Buck previously stated he wouldn’t seek re-election. However, he surprised many by announcing his departure next week. Buck cited a desire to spend more time with family as the reason.

His exit prompts a special election in Colorado’s 4th Congressional District. Governor Jared Polis set the special election date for June 25. The regular GOP primary coincides with the special election date. Boebert intended to participate in the regular primary.

She confirmed she won’t abandon her current term in Colorado’s 3rd District. Boebert emphasized her commitment to serving her constituents. Boebert criticized Buck’s decision through her campaign. She described it as “a gift to the Uniparty” and “a swampy backroom deal.”

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Boebert asserted that the move aims to “rig the election” she’s leading by 25 points. She referred to a February poll showing her significant advantage over primary rivals in the 4th District.

“Forcing an unnecessary Special Election on the same day as the Primary Election will confuse voters, result in a lame duck Congressman on day one, and leave the 4th District with no representation for more than three months,” Boebert said. “The 4th District deserves better.”

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With Buck leaving, Republicans will control 218 out of 435 House seats. Boebert could have prompted another special election if she had resigned to run.

This might have endangered the balance of power in the chamber. Boebert faced a close race in 2022 against Democrat Adam Frisch. Frisch accused her of “running scared” from his campaign after she switched districts this year.

“I will not further imperil the already very slim House Republican majority by resigning my current seat,” Boebert declared in her statement, “and will continue to deliver on my constituents’ priorities while also working hard to earn the votes of the people of Colorado’s 4th District who have made clear they are hungry for a real conservative.”

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The primary winner in Buck’s District is likely to win the general election due to its strong Republican-leaning. The Republican nominee in the special election will have their name on the ballot twice, which could benefit them.

Boebert’s primary rivals, such as former state Sens. Jerry Sonnenberg and Ted Harvey, plan to run in both elections.

However, Gov. Polis announced the simultaneous elections as a cost-saving measure. Boebert questioned this explanation during a recent event.

She remarked, “Suddenly they’re concerned about that.” Boebert noted that this was the first time she had heard of such a move in Colorado.

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