Friday, June 14, 2024
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Tech Billionaires Fight to Reshape San Francisco’s Political Climate in Their Favor 

Tech Billionaires Fight to Reshape San Francisco’s Political Climate in Their Favor 
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Tech Billionaires Fight to Reshape San Francisco’s Political Climate in Their Favor 

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About two decades ago, there was an influx of tech enthusiasts into the San Francisco Bay Area. This trend saw a congregation of tech think tanks that led to the founding of what we today know as Big Tech companies.

With the new skilled workforce inflow, there were commensurate economic implications. For example, though Silicon Valley brought better jobs and higher pay to the region, the rent and price of real estate went through the roof.

A City That Could Be Way Better

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However, the government officials running the show seem to be doing poorly. Now that many of the settled techies are wealthy, they want to influence the transformation of San Francisco into a highbrow area.  

To achieve this, the wealthy techies of San Francisco will have to wield political influence. They would have to infiltrate the city’s political ranks to accomplish this.

Doping the Lax to Do the Needful  

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Tech Entrepreneurs are floating advocacy organizations in San Francisco to call out and gladhand officials into making policies that will benefit the city. Examples of advocacy groups are Grow SF, Abundant SF, and TogetherSF Action. 

Top on the list of issues these organizations are contending to address are the uncontrollable hike of real estate costs and the rampaging menace of drug abuse.

Conducive for Work and Livelihood 

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Many of these wealthy tech entrepreneurs want to reside in San Francisco and make it a choice place to raise a family. Many tech CEOs find it difficult to put their family in some Beverly Hills mansion or Miami condo while running a business in San Francisco. 

 So, there seems to be no going back with tech entrepreneurs interfering with the politics of San Francisco.

To Everyone Its Own 

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While they are all driving to make San Francisco a safe haven, the advocacy groups tackle the crisis from peculiar individual angles. They are also out to break down all the ideological partitions between the political power wielders in the city. 

According to Kanishka Cheng, co-founder of TogetherSF Action, the Democrats and other officials who wield political power in the city know what to do. Unfortunately, they allow ideological dissent to hinder them from doing what is needed.

Ridding the Street of 'High' Misfits 

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So, the major drive of the TogetherSF Action group is to rid San Francisco of the menace of drug abuse. The city, like other major cities across the US, is struggling to keep fentanyl overdosing in check. 

Public health stats in San Francisco suggest that an average of two people die daily from a drug overdose. Essentially, TogetherSF Action wants to get people with a substance use disorder off the street and provide access to rehab programs.

Private Citizens Driving for Fundamental Rights

Source: Quora

TogetherSF Action is the brainchild of Cheng and billionaire tech entrepreneur Michael Moritz, founder of a successful online news website, San Francisco Standard. Another techpreneur floating an advocacy group is Zack Rosen, co-founder of Abundant SF. 

In collaboration with his wife and other techpreneurs in the city, Rosen is driving to ensure affordable housing is available for the middle-class and low-income workforce.

Docile, No More!   

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Tech companies and the teeming number of entrepreneurs have seen mainly solely to upscaling their business since arriving in San Francisco in the 2000s. 

However, they are becoming more proactive by lending their voices to causes that will make the city a safer and more conducive place to reside and do business. In recent times, industry leaders have been publicly and actively trying to influence policies and the libra of elections.

Politicians are Being Held Accountable 

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These tech entrepreneurs are supporting moderate politicians and canvassing to make sure progressive ones don’t return. The movement is not limited to obscure support in the city. Instead, popular techpreneurs with celebrity status are also joining in. 

So, it is no longer business as usual in San Francisco. Politicians are definitely sitting tight and will most likely work to keep out of the spotlight of bad publicity.