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Stephen King’s Viral Election Comment Sparks Outrage Among Trump Supporters

Stephen King’s Viral Election Comment Sparks Outrage Among Trump Supporters
Source: LPNational/X

Stephen King’s Viral Election Comment Sparks Outrage Among Trump Supporters

Source: @StephenKing/X

In recent news, writer Stephen King aimed at former president Donald Trump in a remark on X, formerly known as Twitter. This was regarding the impending general election. Unsurprisingly, his humorous post went viral with numerous individuals applauding it. However, a lot of Trump fans quickly voiced their disgust regarding the writer’s statement.

A Vocal Person

Source: Julian Christ/Unsplash

King has remained a strong advocate on X, for a long time. The skilled writer frequently uses the platform to discuss politics. Identifying as a liberal, King typically supports Democratic leaders and programs in his political remarks. As expected, he also devotes additional effort to criticizing Republicans, particularly Trump.

His Recent Comment

Source: Kelly Sikkema/Unsplash

The tweet was focused on the upcoming election and the candidate people ought to vote for. King also stated on social media that voting for Trump means agreeing to restrictions on women’s reproductive liberties.

A Trending Post

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King’s post instantly became viral, reaching a large number of people in a short amount of time. Over 770,000 people read the writer’s post, while several left comments, sharing varying views.

For instance, a number of people commented with personal views on reasons the Republicans have pushed for laws and regulations violating the reproductive rights of American women.

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Exposing the Radical Right

Source: Ethan Gregory Dodge/Unsplash

Responding to King’s tweet, an X user shared their opinion about those considered to be on the “extreme right.” This individual claimed that the far right is restricting women’s capacity to encourage procreation since the American population has seen a decline in recent years. According to this user, limiting women’s reproductive rights was never about religion or morality. Presumably, it is only a ploy to benefit the army and the country’s economy.

Returning to a Different Period

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Another X user is of the opinion that republicans are seemingly choosing to go back to a time when women were denied freedom and basic rights. The user demanded an end to the regressive, oppressive, and vessel-based treatment of women.

Criticism From X Users

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It’s not surprising that some of Trump’s supporters were upset with King’s comments. Criticizing his stance, many expressed their surprise over the writer’s public disapproval of Trump.

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Conflict Over Liberty

Source: steveofholt/X

They remained perplexed by King’s tweet since it appeared that they had different perspectives on rights that women currently have and previously enjoyed.

One supporter particularly asked for instances where women’s reproductive rights were the limited.

A Fixation?

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Through the years, King has been a big critic of Trump on social media, leading an X user to accuse him of being obsessed with the former president.

Observing that they had never seen someone so consumed by Trump, the user dubbed King a “sick man,” adding that he was suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Trump's Changing Views

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Though Trump previously made a few pro-life comments, it did not take too long for him to retract some of his controversial remarks about women’s reproductive rights.

In April 2024, Trump endorsed the overturn of the Roe v. Wade decision, noting that it is more about state sovereignty and not a way of limiting women’s reproductive rights.

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National Prohibition of Abortion

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Trump has refrained from declaring that, should he win the presidency in November, he will outlaw abortion on a national level as an outcome of his shifting views.

According to Trump, a lot of individuals have enquired regarding his views on abortion rights as well as abortion. He clarified that since abortion is legally discussed, state legislatures will decide how to proceed by either passing laws or holding votes, or maybe doing both of them. Whichever legislators determine has to serve as the ultimate rule of the realm.

King Is Still condemning Donald Trump

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Although King has a history of criticizing the previous president across a wide range of issues, the writer lately has concentrated a large portion of his criticism of Trump towards his positions about the reproductive rights of women.

King will probably keep criticizing Trump’s healthcare measures openly in the foreseeable years to come, particularly as the General poll approaches.

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