Saturday, June 22, 2024
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Why Are People Buying Foldable Tiny Homes Off of Amazon?

Why Are People Buying Foldable Tiny Homes Off of Amazon?
Source: KQUED

Why Are People Buying Foldable Tiny Homes Off of Amazon?

Source: KQUED

Many Americans are struggling to find affordable housing throughout the country. Many people have realized that they would likely be renting for the majority, if not all, of their lives.

However, tiny foldable homes available for purchase online have become more popular. This has led some to prefer to invest in these sorts of homes over traditional ones.

The Housing Crisis

Source: Pexels

The United States is currently facing a housing crisis. Americans are struggling to purchase a home in several states across the country.

This housing crisis is ongoing, and there is no sign that it will end anytime soon. Housing scarcity in many locations exacerbates the situation, driving up home prices.

Millennials and Housing

Source: Michael Tuszynski/Pexels

Millennials, as well as younger generations such as Gen Z, are arguably the generation hit the most in terms of housing. While Boomers and Generation X could buy homes in earlier decades, Millennials cannot.

This has left many Millennials feeling “disenfranchised” about their ability to buy homes. They feel entirely excluded from the housing market.

A New Housing Alternative?

Source: Binyamin Mellish/Pexels

Could things change soon? Thanks to internet shops such as Amazon, a new trend among younger people has evolved.

Online, people can purchase tiny foldable homes that spring open once delivered.

Tiny, Foldable Homes on Amazon

Source: Jed Owen/Unsplash

These portable homes on Amazon are about 19 feet by 20 feet, so they’re considered full-size living homes, even though they are rather tiny.

These houses weigh approximately 8,000 pounds and are delivered in a box. To successfully open this foldable home, you’ll need a crane.

Fluctuating Prices

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When the homes first started trending on Amazon, they sold for around $35,000. However, prices have since altered, and they have reduced significantly.

Buyers can now get one of these movable homes for $23,000 less — or a new home for only $11,550.

What These Homes Could Be Used As

Source: Andrea Davis/Unsplash

These foldable homes are marketed primarily as excellent expansions to existing homes. Numerous customers have said that they make ideal garden cottages.

These homes can also serve as guest accommodations on a property. Others used them as offices or workshops away from their primary residence.

Buying a Cheap New Home

Source: Calvin Hanson/Unsplash

However, many people online have stated that they intend to buy one of these little movable homes and live in it. For many, this inexpensive dwelling is all they can afford, especially given the rising prices for traditional homes.

YouTuber Unspeakable recently bought one of these homes and posted a video about it, discussing its advantages and disadvantages. At the time of writing, the video has over 13.6 million views.

A Stable House

Source: Andrea Davis/Unsplash

In many aspects, these tiny homes could be of great value for individuals willing to live in a little space.

The movable house is built with a steel frame and flameproof wallboards. The home is also waterproof and thermally insulated. This home is also touted to be earthquake, wind, and snow resistant.

A Bathroom Is Included

Source: Andrea Davis/Unsplash

It also includes a bathroom! According to the seller, this pop-up home comes with a small restroom. It has a shower, toilet, and sink.

This bathroom merely has to be connected to plumbing and water. However, it should be mentioned that this tiny abode does not include any electrical fittings. As a result, the buyer will be responsible for the entire process.

Windows Make the Area Seem Bigger

Source: James Frid/Pexels

The tiny home also includes many windows, which can help make it appear much larger on the inside.

Though the property is certainly little, for many Millennials and younger people who feel shut out of the housing market, this investment could be exactly what they need.

Fold the Home Back Up

Source: PhotoMIX Company/Pexels

What if you wish to move? Don’t worry, you can take your home with you. According to the descriptive listing of the home, you can easily fold the house back up and move it elsewhere.

Of course, you will have to reconnect it to water and electricity. However, in the long run, it may still be significantly less expensive than purchasing a typical home.