Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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New York Proposes Legislation to Crackdown on Pistols

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New York Proposes Legislation to Crackdown on Pistols

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A bill to outlaw the sale of handguns capable of being upgraded into machine guns is being pushed by New York in a remarkable move. This bold plan puts New York in a position to close what many consider to be a gun control loophole, making it the first state to do so. 

This means that a ban has been placed to prohibit the sale of pistols that might easily be converted into machine guns.

Advised to Change Modified Weapons

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State Senator Zellnor Myrie, a Democrat, has presented a bill that directly targets Glock. 

Gun safety organizations have increasingly criticized the Austrian company for rejecting to change the already transformed ones into automatic weapons, even though their polymer-framed firearms have dominated the handgun market since the 1980s.

Probable Felony Charges for Dealers

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Myrie’s main proponent of the proposed measure asserted that all companies performing in the states must be accountable for their actions in the marketplace.

His comment demonstrates the increasing demand for businesses to consider society’s impact on their products. Gun merchants that keep selling convertible firearms may be accused if the measure is passed.

Motion To Stop the Sale of Convertible Guns

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According to the bill, convertible pistols are weapons that can only be changed from handguns to machine guns by installing or attaching a pistol converter.

This legal penalty prevents the spread of firearms by installing or attaching a pistol converter. 


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Glocks Has the Highest Rate To Be Converted to Machine Gun

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Glocks are known to be the type of gun that can be converted into machine guns as they are built with a slide plate that can be removed, but they are not the only type of weapon that can serve this purpose. 

The internal explosive recoil of the Glock pistol forces the slide backward when the gun is fired.

The Glocks Design

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The trigger bar rises to catch the slide and then delays the firing pin, thereby preventing it from producing another shot. However, this is only applicable when the Glocks are reset. A part of the weapon is known as a Glock switch, which is just a small device used to transition into automatic firing.

Also, depressing the trigger bar can stop the switch from resetting. These devices are commonly known as “autosears.”

Adhering to the Rules

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In addition to the primary measure, there is a proposal mandating that gun manufacturers hinder the simple conversion of their handguns. 

A recent New York law that makes manufacturers liable for damages caused by gun violence may subject them to lawsuits if they fail to comply. But if the bill becomes law, the business is certain to strongly oppose it in court, paving the way for what may turn out to be a historic legal dispute.

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A New Development

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A new development has been introduced. A law has been mandated for gun makers to adhere strictly, prohibiting the installation and use of pistol conversion.

However, according to the law, businesses that do not comply may face legal action under a 2021 law approved in New York that permits victims of gun violence to file civil lawsuits for damages. 

Glock Didn't Give a Response on Time

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Glock did not respond to the bill right away. However, if it were to become law, the establishment would probably contest Myrie’s bill, setting up a protracted court dispute. 

According to Tom King, president of the New York State Rifle & Pistol Association, the law’s wording is “very vague,” and he maintained that gun enthusiasts would continue to discover methods to alter their weapons.

Easy To Transform

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Weapons susceptible to having a “Glock switch” added to turn them into automatic weapons are Glock handguns. 

Glocks are known to be very easy to convert to machine guns, and this has created a lot of illegal and underground sales. Once the Glock switch is added to the weapon, it enables continuous firing as long as the trigger is held down. This significant adjustment adds a lot of firepower to the firearm.

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The Officials Confiscated Illegal Devices

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Police have seized more than 31,000 unlawful conversion devices in the last five years. Many of these may be produced easily using 3D printers and are falsely advertised as legal on the internet. Autosears with Glock switches are classified as machine weapons under the law. 

According to federal law, owning one is illegal, even if it isn’t connected to a gun. Also, owning an auto sear would be a punishable offense.

Firearm Costs Only $25

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Owning a firearm only costs $25 for a Glock switch. In a lawsuit against Glock, plaintiffs accused Glock of putting city dwellers at risk by not making the guns more challenging to convert.

The era of machine guns remains a threat to society, and it should be condemned.

Age Limit To Purchase a Firearm

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Democrats in New York control the legislature houses, with a Democratic governor elected and running.

The purpose of the new regulations was as a result of a mass shooting some years back, which involved the death of ten Black people who were killed by an 18-year-old. This brought about gun control measures and an increase in the age limit of firearms possession to the age of 21.


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